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How to fix wdf01000.sys errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads wdf01000.sys and repairs wdf01000.sys blue screen of death BSOD for PCs installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is wdf01000.sys?

Wdf01000.sys is about Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime. This file is also referred to the WDF Dynamic and it is an integral part of the Microsoft Windows operating system, which is signed digitally from the Microsoft Corporation. This process can be enabled and disenabled in the Control Panel or with the use of different software. This process is invisible, though it is regarded to be a legitimate file from Microsoft.

The Wdf01000.sys file is closely related to Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) that is created by Microsoft as a tool to assist driver developers in the development and maintenance of kernel mode device drivers for a series of Windows operating systems. The current version of KMDF is 1.13 as one of the frameworks contained in the Windows Driver Foundation.

Generally speaking, KMDF is available for drivers that were compiled for the Windows Driver Model. Since more features like power management and plug and play are processed by the framework, a KMDF driver is simpler and more compact than an equivalent WDM driver. The Wdf01000.sys file works on WDM and WDM is the driver model that has been applied earlier than KMDF as the driver framework Microsoft created and put into use for Windows 2000 and beyond.

WDM laid a solid foundation for KMDF to be built on the basis of object. KMDF offers an object-based perspective to WDM, following the architectural mandate of its superset, WDF. The functionality is included in a variety of objects. KMDF execution is comprised of plug and play and power management; I/O queues; Direct memory access (DMA); Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Synchronization.

The typical symptoms of wdf01000.sys errors

  1. Keep getting bsod when waking the pc up from sleep mode and it says wdf01000.sys: Ran a chkdsk no error and ran mse no viruses but when running malware antibytes it found a Trojan and removed it。
  2. Keep getting error SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED (Wdf01000.sys) randomly while using my new Windows 8 laptop.
  3. Blue screen crash error, Caused by drivers: ntoskrnl.exe, Wdf01000.sys and, tcpip.sys: Usually it does not happen often and it is normally not triggered by anything specific, rarely it will crash on boot up.
  4. Not able to shut down the computer, get blue screen with this Wdf01000! FxIrp Queue: InsertIrpInQueue+61 error.
  5. BSOD BC C2 wdf01000.sys when driver Verifier is used: It happens very early in the boot process and there is no mini-dump file written, nor is there any info regarding it in the Event Viewer.
  6. Various daily BSOD on W7 Professional 32b, tcpip.sys, Wdf01000.sys. IRQL_ NOT_ LESS_ OR_ EQUAL, BAD_ POOL_ HEADER, unfortunately no real pattern with always the same error.
  7. BSOD's on Wdf01000.sys Win 7 Ultimate 64bit: Getting random blue screens every couple of hours. No particular pattern to it. More occur when bubbles screensaver is running, but many occur typically just after you have clicked on something in ie8, windows explorer or Microsoft Word.

What are causes of wdf01000.sys errors?

The wdf01000.sys error tells that a kernel-mode driver tried to use pageable memory at a process IRQL that was too high. This looks like a typical software driver bug and is unlikely to result from a hardware issue. The crash takes place in a standard Microsoft module. That means your system configuration may have not been set properly. This issue is likely aroused by another driver on your Windows that cannot be recognized at this moment.

By analyzing crash dumps, you may draw a conclusion that no problematic 3rd party drivers have been found. Right now, you may try to set your system to generate a full memory dump for further analysis. Refer to the general suggestions for diagnosing and repairing system crashes for more details. It is stressed that it's not always possible to claim assuredly that a nominated driver really takes charge of crashing your system or that the fundamental cause lies in another module.

There are very limited explanations about the wdf01000.sys file. In view of technical security, this file is rated as much dangerous; normally it is very safe to be used as the driver framework in the PC system of the user. But this process would be affected when some other dll files become corrupted, leading to wdf01000.sys blue screen of death or failure to be loaded.

This error can be the result of corruption of wdf01000.sys, or the related dll files, such as ntoskrnl.exe, cmdguard.sys, dxgkrnl.sys, cmdguard.sys and so on. They usually occur when you play mmos or use my ps2 emulator. Even though you use your Ps3 controller and motion in joy when you play these games, you would still get blue screen of death viewer associated with ntoskrnl.exe and wdf01000.

Solutions to resolving wdf01000.sys issues

You could have run memtest v4 lasting for a long time with no errors; Run sfc /scannow; Update every possible driver particularly including mouse and keyboard as this seems to be a related driver; Unplug the DVDRW and update all your drivers from the relevant website; Run Windows Update a couple of times and perform a regular registry cleaning, uninstalled all software which is no longer used; Try system restore to an earlier point.

However, it would be better if you find out updates for the products that these drivers come from and normally access Windows update or receive automatic updates for Windows. In case a piece of problematic hardware is the culprit, a search with Google on the bug check errors together with the model name and brand of your machine may help you probe this further.

Troubleshooting wdf01000.sys issues could be so complicated that many other system files will be involved. It becomes a hard nut to be cracked if you are not a computer person. Therefore, a high quality of a dll error fixer is a clever approach to dealing this situation.

DLL TOOL diagnoses and repairs the registry malfunctions together with auto detect and fix of faulty entries of wdf01000.sys file and its relevant dll files.

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