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How to fix winmail.exe errors

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Everything about winmail.exe

Winmail.exe is an executable of Windows Mail preinstalled with Windows Vista Operating System and is also available for Windows 7. When you make all hidden and operating system files visible, you will find that a Windows Mail folder includes Winmail.exe in both the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders. It is a hidden and protected system file. You might run your MSconfig to check whether Winmail.exe appears in the list of your startup programs.

You might have never used any form of Windows mail in your email communication activity, although you have Windows Mail folders and the WinMail.exe is normally displayed in Explorer. You cannot see this file running in Task manager at all and there is no hint of it in Services. It seems that this process will probably do something for you from nowhere and out of no reason. You've used various versions of third party email clients other than Windows Mail.

Windows Mail is the successor of Outlook Express, and then was predecessor of Windows Live Mail. Different from Outlook Express that was built in Internet Explorer versions 4 to 6, Windows Mail is not an integral part of Internet Explorer and is thus unavailable for Windows operating systems prior to Vista at the moment when Internet Explorer 7 was made usable for Windows XP. WinLiveMail is usable in Win 7 Ultimate system.

Upon release in 2007, Windows Live Mail differs from Windows Mail on Windows Vista in ability as follows: Check and edit email by source has been removed in Windows Live Mail; Assembly margins has been removed; Scripted Stationery is available from Cloud eight Stationery; Locally installed help documentation and the Identities feature are unavailable for Windows Live Mail; Support for using different mailboxes with separate folders and DeltaSync, a proprietary protocol for access to Windows Live Hotmail email accounts, and so on.

What are typical symptoms of winmail.exe errors?

  1. Operating Outlook 2010 with Windows XL (32-bit) and recently experiencing problems with PDF attachments to emails. The recipients (non Outlook only) are getting winmail.dat attachments instead of the pdf you attached.
  2. Some emails contain winmail.dat but your outlook just IGNORES them. Latest patches are installed, Outlook is 2007 SP3 of course. Other users from my company are getting these mails just fine - I tried to disable my antivirus - didn't help. You compared everything with other users and again,
  3. A problem with winmail.exe: Somehow, without ever running it once, it has started a few times. For some reason, Vista thinks this program is essential and won't let you do anything with it.
  4. Winmail.exe starts and without me doing anything: You have disabled e-mail scanning, so that's not it. You want to disable / Delete winmail.exe and are tired of having winmail.exe running in the background.
  5. All of a sudden Vista WinMail (64) has stopped sending email. The outbox is empty and no error messages are generated so things "appear" to be fine but no one receives the notes we send. We are still receiving messages without issue.
  6. An error message that reads: "Windows Mail could not be started. Initialize junk filtering. Your computer may be out of memory or you disk is full. (0x80070002)". Your only option is to click OK. Then you get a second message that reads: "Windows Mail could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized."
  7. Unable to open Windows mail, WinMail.exe-Unable to locate component, failed to start because SHELD32.dll was not found.

Why do you have WinMail.exe errors?

WinMail.exe problem appears when messages are stuck in the Outbox on a machine that is running Windows Vista. This is not the formerly known issue of sending in RTF format from Outlook. You use HTML settings on all outgoing e-mails, have tried sending as plain text, and have otherwise done your research, then you find out that this is not the same issue as in previous versions of Outlook where it was fixed by just modifying the mail format setting.

Unlike its predecessor Outlook Express, Windows Mail does not have WebDAV, which make it impossible to access web-based email services through WebDAV. Although Outlook Express is merged with Windows Messenger, Windows Mail has not been changed similarly as Windows Messenger is not contained any longer. Windows Live Mail is a more fully functional and free program, because it is merged with Windows Live Contacts.

How to fix WinMail.exe errors?

Recreate the message store of Windows Mail", this is an easy and practical way to solve WinMail.exe issue; it is also true with the way to recreate the Windows Mail Folder, under the condition that you use Outlook 2010, and a hosted work life server running Exchange 2008. You don't have direct control over the Exchange service but have server administrator who have made all the changes previously suggested to try and force the email format into Plain Text.

After frying a lot of troubleshooting, you get a feeling that as long as you use only Outlook there is no problem - it seems Outlook has no problem accepting the attachments. The issue comes with Linux-based recipient servers, especially the ones using the cPanel system. When sending to several of your accounts there is not ever a problem if the recipient is on an Exchange server or is a gmail account. But if the recipient uses a Linux-based system and has a cheap client, there is a problem.

You have tried sending a simple pdf attachment to yourself and received the e-mails using the Windows based Mail app. It worked for your Exchange and gmail accounts, but not for the Linux-based one. You recreated the scenario and received not the pdf file but a winmail.dat file. It was not an issue the other way around. So it is an issue that shows up only when sending from Outlook 2013 and communicating the e-mail on a Linux server.

If you are really puzzled on how to deal with WinMail.exe issues, DLL TOOL is ready for help with its powerful auto check and fix for any dll error!

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