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How to fix cdosys.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads cdosys.dll and repairs module cdosys.dll is missing or was not found error for computers running Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Basics of cdosys.dll

Windows Library cdosys.dll is a module used to offer functions for the applications of The Collaboration Data Objects (CDO). This file is associated with Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Server Pages, SMTP, MIME, and Microsoft Outlook. It is located in C:\ WINDOWS\ system32\ cdosys.dll by default and its version is 6.2.0002.0.

The technology of CDO aims to enable messaging applications to be created in simple way. Belonging to the Microsoft Exchange Server, CDO is originated from the OLE Messaging that is called Active Messaging right now. The CDO included within cdosys.dll file is available for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server. This dll is preinstalled on both operating systems and the best tool for sending email from Active Server Pages (ASP).

The cdosys.dll file can somehow be configured to apply into a remote SMTP server. After being generated, the Configuration object is populated with specific information, and then related to a Message object. This file supports three different ways of sending email: Firstly, send email via a local pickup directory; Forward mail on port 25, which contains the metatype library code on the page; Send the email by means of a remote mail server with outgoing SMTP authentication for outgoing emails.

What are common signs of cdosys.dll errors?

After aro2011 did the complete scan, you are able to see and read all of the bootsect.bak.ink, cdosys.dll.mdi.ink, compaq (C).ink.

You have a program written in Visual Basic which makes use of CDO messaging to send emails (cdosys.dll). This program behaves properly on your other 3 PCs, which are respectively Win XP machine, a Win Vista Ultimate 32 bit and a Win 7 64 bit Home Premium Pc. So the problem lies only in the Win Vista Home 32 bit laptop pc but not in the visual basic program. The problem occurs when assigning the email details (To, From, Subject, TextBody) to the CDO message object in that I get the following error: The requested body part was not found.

What are causes of cdosys.dll errors?

The cdosys.dll issue could be related to the package of Office 2003. This package enables you to open documents created with Office 2007 using some big changes in Office 2007 CDO messaging. Beside, when you try to uninstall this package improperly, your Visual Basic program will possibly lead to OLE errors.

An easy and reliable way to repair cdosys.dll error

You can have two ways to apply the cdosys.dll into the operating system: Install it via a stand-alone version, or install it together with Microsoft Outlook, they cannot be implemented at the same time in the same computer.

If you have installed both SP 1 and 2 for windows Vista and d/l all updates but the issue is still unsolved, it will only be repaired with the 2007 package being reinstalled so that some dlls will be overwritten instead of being replaced.

The best way to fix cdosys.dll error is to apply DLL TOOL for auto check and fix of registry issues and dll errors altogether!

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