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How to fix conhost.exe errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads conhost.exe and repairs conhost.exe application errors for computers running Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Introduction to conhost.exe

Conhost.exe is an executable of Console Window Host. This file belongs to Microsoft® Windows® Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation. It's an invisible system file, which means you cannot check it though Windows Explorer. Conhost.exe is found in the %SYSTEM% folder by default and its normal size is 270,848 bytes.

Conhost.exe process is able to resolve a basic issue in the same way as earlier versions of Windows dealt with console windows. It is an absolutely liable process provided it is always located in the system32 folder, and is digitally stamped by Microsoft. Checking your machine for any infection is always a good habit to prevent conhost.exe being spoiled by viruses, Trojan or spyware.

The conhost.exe has overcome the issue about how the console processes behave on previous versions of Windows. Before the console processes are all controlled by the csrss.exe service instead. This file functions as a system-level account. After having a look at the command prompt on Windows, you'll likely find that the windows never apply the active theme, just because the CSRSS process is not able to be handled in this way.

What are common signs of conhost.exe errors?

  1. Win32.sober in Windows 7 RC: Windows\system32\conhost exe. After running Spybot....a file called win32.sober is detected as an executable file (conhost.exe). It's labeled as a "dialer".
  2. C: // Windows/ system32/ conhost.exe and C: // Windows/ system32/ Services.exe; Unauthorized access. Had been the medium threat for 'unauthorized access to processed data logged'.
  3. You get a message from F-secure System control: conhost.exe is trying to end a process C:\...\fswscs.exe. You click the "I trust this program"-button, but it keeps coming back.
  4. You get dozens of "conhost.exe" processes launching throughout the day that never go away. You run itunes, Outlook and an old DOS program called Q&A (version 5.0). As of now, there are about 30, all around the same size as the ones in the picture, so it starts to take up a lot memory.

Why do you have conhost.exe errors?

Conhost.exe problems are often caused by virus infection. After taking a look at the task manager, you may see conhost.exe with the description of console host, but you are unable to get the details on this particular process. Sometimes, it only comes up when you open your favorite software but there are many instances of this process then, and you would be redirected a strange website. Or you even fail to close it, which access is denied; You may find programs of cmd.exe; conhost.exe; csrss.exe running upon startup.

In this case, high CPU /memory problem will go together.

How to fix it?

If you run Norton or other regular AV, your antivirus just detects a lot of unnecessary things and would just log the problem and not do something useful resolving this issue. Because the related registry keys have been altered, your AV has been rendered almost useless.

It is recommended to use DLL TOOL to repair the conhost.exe associated registry entries and then scan your system for infection. You will fix the problem!

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