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How to fix cryptsvc.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads cryptsvc.dll and repairs module cryptsvc.dll is missing or was not found error for computers running Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is cryptsvc.dll?

With Description Cryptographic Services, cryptsvc.dll is a dynamic link library associated with Cryptographic Services from Microsoft Corporation. The default path is C:\ Windows\ system32\ cryptsvc.dll and the file version is 5.1.2600.2180. Complicated cryptographic services have been generated to offer a means of secure communication over a network, especially a public network. Cryptsvc.dll file includes functions to execute various methods of cryptography for the cryptographic services.

If you do not apply the cryptographic services, you can only access or change communication over the Internet by unapproved third parties, plus file encryption and decryption on a local disk. C ryptsvc.dll guarantees data consistency and liability by establishing certificates for an approved user. A set of special techniques have been applied for confidentiality, data consistency and liability. The cryptsvc.dll file encrypts data via a single-shared secret key so as to execute symmetric cryptography or secret-key encryption.

The cryptsvc.dll file adopts the cryptographic signing to generate digital signature so that a sender of data can be examined. This cryptsvc.dll file projects data from any length to a fixed-length byte sequence. Cryptsvc.dll handles three management services, namely the Catalog Database Service for the signatures verification of Windows files assigned by the authorized user; The Protected Root Service for a Trusted Root Certification Authority certificates in a computer to be added as an encrypted file to the system; Key Service constantly in operation for certificates enrollment.

The common signs of cryptsvc.dll errors

  1. Cryptsvc do not start when trying to correct error 0x8007f0da and you tried to start "cryptsvc" (Cryptographic service) to correct the problem (advice in this forum) but it gives you code 0x00000437 and 0x00000426 (cryptsvc do not start).
  2. Each time computer starts it displays DLL C:\WINDOW\system32 ATL.DLL error message; can't install a printer because it says cryptographic services aren't open.
  3. Vista hp error message 8007371C when updating security KB978207. WIN Vista home premium 32bit will not install latest security update. Had no problems until uninstall IOLO System Mechanic.
  4. Windows 7 update error code 8024800A when you try to do windows update or update your anti virus through Microsoft essentials. Mcbuilder.exe uses 50% CPU and svchost.exe (cryptSvc) using 50% CPU.
  5. Malwarebytes anti-malware program detected a value of "4" at the registry entry HKLM\ System\ Current Control Set\ services\ CryptSvc start while running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 in SAFE mode on my desktop PC, and tells me this is an infection and the value should be "2."
  6. "The module "Cryptsvc.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found. Make sure that "Cryptsvc.dll" is a valid .dll or ocx file and then try again."

Why do you have cryptsvc.dll errors?

If you checked the services running inside svchost.exe or examining the process in Sysinternals Process Explorer, you would find that Cryptsvc.dll is the one hogging your resources. After disenabling the process (svchost.exe), your processor immediately comes back to normal. When Windows Update starts, this svchost.exe also typically starts and causes Windows Update to hang\ and the progress bar continues to scroll but nothing happens. The problematic svchost.exe usually includes cCryptSvc, Dnscache and Tapisrv.

The svchost.exe functions as the workstation, DNS Client, Network Location Awareness and Remote desktop services, and it appears to be enabling and disenabling numerous Cryptography keys in the registry. Windows Fax & Scan in Vista WILL NOT do that because, for reasons which are not familiar with the users, that compatibility would be removed when the Windows Fax & Scan component were upgraded to Vista from XP. Since some of cryptsvc.dll feature are unavailable for Windows Fax & Scan in XP.

Cryptsvc.dll error could be caused by registry problems like corrupted, overwritten improper configured entries. It is known that registry is the vital and central part of Windows, any malfunction in registry will make your machine be in disorder, thus leading to many different system faults and poor performance.

How to resolve cryptsvc.dll errors?

In order to fix error, restart your machine in safe mode and search for CMD. Clicked run as administrator; At command prompt enter net stop cryptsvc. After that, you are supposed to rename C:\ windows\ System32\ Katrut to Katrut.old. If this does not work, then you can do the next step.

Run anti-spyware/ virus checks, such as Malwarebytes, Windows Defender, Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool in the Windows SAFE mode, with the CryptSvc being turned off. It is best to have CryptSvc set on the automatic start mode.

Repair the windows registry as the best way to prevent your machine from being troubled by registry problem. You would like to select trustworthy registry cleaner software, then scan your registry and repair any fault in the scan result.

DLL TOOL is the right choice for you to maintain your computer a regular basis to keep registry clean and compact as well as protect your system against any dll error.

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