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How to fix Twain.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads Twain.dll and repairs module Twain.dll is missing or was not found error for computers running Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Basics about Twain.dll

Twain.dll is developed by TWAIN Working Group and provides Image Acquisition Interface for the application of Twain Source Manager. The default path is C:\ WINDOWS\ system32\ and the file version is This library is required for all versions of Windows Operating System. This process makes it possible to communicate smoothly between your pc and a static image device such as a scanner, a digital camera, or a fax device. It supports for any interaction using the TWAIN standard.

The twain.dll file enables any device based on standard to connect with your machine. This standard attaches an importance to a protocol and an API between your machine with its programs and a source image data. This file consists of three parts: the application software, the source manager software, and the source software. They are applied into modification of application, management of the communications across the application or the program and the source. So we can know that the main purpose of twain.dll is to control the communications.

For Windows based applications, the twain.dll file provides four binaries specially created and released for Windows NT among others. This file is one kind of the binaries and is specified as the sixteen bit source manager. The twain.dll file has to be applied into sixteen bit programs and software for the normal communication and interaction with TWAIN. The software of the twain.dll guides and manages the source device. If not yet changed, this software is then compiled to ensure with the specifications of TWAIN.

The twain.dll file is needed by an image application to access and store pictures from a digital device. The same thing happens with a fax application that gets images from a scanner data source. So to speak, the twain.dll file is key to any static image acquisition from a source to your machine. All of these things are implemented by the device developer.

What are typical symptoms of twain.dll errors?

  1. A message saying "Twain.dll Client's 32-Bit Thunking Server has stopped working." This message has started to appear but you have not installed any new hard or software.
  2. "Unable to select TWAIN source" - Canon LIDE 25 scanner issue: Subsequently, you pushed a button on the scanner, and Windows Fax and Scan opened, and the scanner made a terrible noise.
  3. You have two PC's running windows 7 Pro with SP2. One can detect and run Canon Toolbox for scanning, the other does not. When running it states error "Unable to open Twain Source".
  4. The Canon MP Navigator EX software doesn't work as you keep getting "scanner not correctly installed - try again" or something like that. The OS seems to recognize the WIA driver but not the TWAIN driver - it isn't being recognized by the Navigator software.
  5. It looks like the error indicates that there is a problem with the "twain drivers", which can be corruption issues, missing files, virus related, graphic card related (less likely), or conflicts with 64bit OS's. Unfortunately this is a Microsoft issue, we do not have a fix for it at this time.
  6. The scanner (HP Scanjet 7450C) appears normally in the Device Manager. It works properly using both a third party scanning application (VueScan) and the native scanning application in Nuance's Paperport. Niether uses a TWAIN interface. However, whenever PrecisionScan Pro starts, an error message is displayed stating "Sorry, the scanner could not be initialized (Scanner not found)".

What are the causes of twain.dll errors?

The problem of Twain drivers is either missing or incompatible with some versions of Windows. This is a bigger issue than the attention it seems to be getting from the manufacturers of the devices: This is not a question about the separate drivers! It is about how Windows try to be compatible with all of these drivers.

The problem is similar when the laptop starts an error message appears that the twain.dll file was unable to load the necessary components and the program will stop. For instance, Windows Fax & Scan in Vista WILL NOT identify a TWAIN specific driver even though Windows does. So a HP Scanjet 7450C scanner will work in Vista if the user applies the Hp Toolkit or other TWAIN compatible programs. If the user attempts to apply Windows Fax & Scan into operation of the scanner, they will receive an error message from Windows. This results from the fact that Windows Fax and Scan only search for WIA drivers installed, not TWAIN drivers. When it doesn't find a WIA driver it says that there is no scanner on the system.

It is believed that this is a Windows 7 compatibility problem with the TWAIN drivers provided by HP. It is important for Precision Scan Pro to run smoothly because it is used by Paperport and offers many features that are unavailable from the Paperport native scanning software.

Why has twain.dll been discouraged? WIA just doesn't have the abilities that graphics consumers are accustomed to working on TWAIN drivers. For instance, your Epson scanner twain.dll driver may support Resolution, Target Size, scaling, trimming, Unsharp mask, Descreening, Back light correction, Dust Removal with ICE support. Adjustments like Auto exposure, tone correction, image adjustments and color correction.

Solutions to fixing

Many applications still apply a TWAIN driver into webcams to be used for the applications even though Windows 7 does not need it. If it will work; Vista-compatible Tools allow TWAIN scanners to be installed on windows operating system. Get an application to use camera to take pictures of your customers and inserts the photo into the application. Under windows, the lifecam shows up as a twain source and is selectable in the application.

After changing the computer to Windows 7 / 64bit, the application is looking for the twain source. Apparently, under windows 7 the camera is detected as a "device" and does not install a twain driver. You need DLL TOOL to check the file version for compatibility issue and system files for any corruption, repairing them instantly.

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