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How to fix RpcRtRemote.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads RpcRtRemote.dll and repairs RpcRtRemote.dll missing or can't be found error for PCs running Microsoft OS such as Windows Vista and Windows 8.1.

What is RpcRtRemote.dll?

RpcRtRemote is short for Remote Remote Procedure Call Extension; RpcRtRemote.dll is a 32-bit DLL of code components which does not have its own GUI. As a PE style file, it does not look like to be internally referenced by any other file. This file is preinstalled Windows Operating System and is created by Microsoft Corporation. It's an invisible system file. By default, this process is located in the C:\ Windows\ System32\ RpcRtRemote.dll sub-folder and its normal size is 63KB.

RpcRtRemote.dll contains a complicated RPC mechanism for direct calls to server-side methods. It enables you to compile true client/ server programs. A file with the .rpc file extension includes a graphic or image generated with RpcRtRemote.dll based rendering. The .rpc file functions as a marker to your machine, telling you that this file needs RpcRtRemote.dll for its normal functioning. RpcRtRemote.dll support an .rpc file for a three-dimensional model of image based upon simple geometric shapes.

RPC protocol can be applied for applications to call a service from an application located in another machine in a network. The calling application is on a client side and the service-providing side is the server. The communication between the service and the client supports multiple calls to be requested by a peer. The current servers do not yet allow for two directional communications. RpcRtRemote.dll file can be applied singly or integrated together with other .rpc images into a larger composition. Apart from generating your own .rpc files with RpcRtRemote.dll application, it is also possible to buy graphics directly from a third party vendor.

What are typical symptoms of RpcRtRemote.dll errors?

  1. After MS auto update, you receive "logonUI.exe-bad image, C:\ Windows\ system32\ RpcRtRemote.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error, etc..."
  2. Once you turned on the computer, it seemed that several applications did not work. You got c++ runtime error messages ((rpcrtremote.dll)) relating to the graphics card and several applications would not open.
  3. You tried a system restore to a previous restore point because your virus checker (McAfee) stalled when it got to the same point each time. The restore did not complete and on rebooting you receive a logonUI.exe bad image error appears with \system32\ RpcRTRemote.dll error message. When this error message is cleared a second appears - userinit.exe error with \userenc.dll detailed.
  4. Unable to reach desktop and get error C:/Windows\system32\RpcRtRemote.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error.
  5. Windows doesn't even start-up, and you are getting the infamous "Blue Screen." The information displayed reads, in part: "Technical information: STOP 0x0000007B (0x80786B50, 0xC00000034, 0x00000000". You can not get passed either the "Blue Screen," or Windows' "System Recovery Options."

What are causes of RpcRtRemote.dll errors?

This error would appear to be the camera link card that is the culprit; The RpcRtRemote.dll could have been corrupted by moving hardware, or uninstalling some software; Windows 7 SP1 upgrade could be the cause.

After finishing the Windows 7 SP 1 upgrade, it may end up with the famous dll error message as "RpcRtRemote.dll either not designed". It could be followed by a second identical error displays for USERENV.dll. After the display of this error, windows goes to a black screen; or in some other cases, the windows can not shut down, has to be forced shut down, even in safe mode can not get past the error and blue screened.

It can be a virus. You have downloaded RpcRtRemote.dll from a website that enables users to download replacement .dll files, but meanwhile you have possibly been infected in the course of downloading.

How to fix RpcRtRemote.dll errors easily and professionally?

It you insist on figuring out the resolutions yourself, you may have tries uninstalling SP1 through the control panel, using system restore, pressing F8 during start up and disabling the signature enforcement. With Windows 7 being updated, every thing goes abnormal.

Consequently, you have to boot your pc in safe mode; Run Startup Repair; Perform Clean Boot and disable all services except for Microsoft ones; Restore from the date before the error; Run in cmd sfc /scannow; Run chkdsk /f and on other drives.

Sometimes your manual fix may go to the point that everything seems to be working alright except for some aspects of your toolbar. You think all you need to do is remove the corrupted files and then restart your machine with the Windows 7 update disk in the drive.

But at last, the file 'RpcRtRemote.dll' is still popping up as a Bad Image at the start-up of Windows. Then you think of scanning your system for any infection but nothing is flagged, quarantined or deleted.

To free you of all those troubles, you may select DLL TOOL to scan your system for any malfunctions with registry and other dll files related to RpcRtRemote.dll, and safely download a working copy for replacement free of charge!

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