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How to fix SearchIndexer.exe errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads SearchIndexer.exe and repairs SearchIndexer.exe application crashing error for PCs running Microsoft OS such as Windows Vista and Windows 8.1.

Introduction to SearchIndexer.exe

The SearchIndexer.exe process is also described as Microsoft Windows Search Indexer. This Windows service processes indexing of your files for Windows Search, empowers the Windows file built-in search engine. It is available for everything from the Start Menu search box to file search in a specific hard drive, and even the system file feature. This file can give itself into full play in The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT).

TUT possesses the full database in a considerably simple and considerate interface. SearchIndexer.exe can thus fine tune your computer, or troubleshoots your machine's problems in an incomparable way. The Indexing Service (CISVC) enables you to manage the contents and properties of files through their indexes on local and remote machines and offers rapid access to files via a flexible querying language. The CISVC also supports quick document search for local and remote machines and a search index for content that is uploaded onto the Web.

The CISVC generates indexes of all textual data in files and documents. Upon the initial index generation, this service preserves its indexes every time a file is generated, changed, or removed. Although being replaced by Windows Search, the CISVC is still workable for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 by intended installation. Its default startup type is Automatic and it will log on using the Local System account. You can check this for yourself by simply right-clicking on the process name in the Task Manager list, and then choosing Go to Service(s) from the menu.

Common SearchIndexer.exe error messages

  1. Windows Search Services could not be turned on due to a missing file; i.e C: WINDOWS\ system32\ SearchIndexer.exe /Embedding. This information was obtained from the Windows Search Properties (Local Computer) and Services Note: Windows could not start the Windows Search service on Local Computer, Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.
  2. Mycroft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: C:\ WINDOWS \system32 \SearchIndexer.exe. This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.
  3. Terminal server is running very slow both for remote users and when using the console. Checked running processes, searchindexer.exe is using 99% of resources. Disabled the process, worked fine for a few, then back up to 99%.
  4. When the Searchindexer.exe is using as much CPU as it can you've checked with resource monitor and it isn't reading from or writing to any files, just chewing through CPU cycles.
  5. Searchindexer.exe - system error - The program can't be start because some DLL files is missing.
  6. SearchIndexer.exe crash, continuous ESENT database corruption errors.

What are causes of Searchindexer.exe errors?

This error occurs after you improperly changed some settings of itunes files, outlook files, external hard drives, etc for Search Indexer. You need to be careful while including the files, programs, and file types into the Indexing Options.

This error could happen when there are crashes/ reboots/ corrupted indexes on your machine with all windows updates. This problem probably results from hardware failure and may not disappear itself. Secondary failures such as these can trigger a fatal problem in the storage subsystem containing this file. The Service Control Manager attempts to do troubleshooting after the accidental shutdown of the Windows Search service, but this action failed with the following message: An instance of the service is already running.

Windows Search is having some odd things going on. The PID of the service always changes on computer reboot or every time you restart the service. Trojan /virus can make use of this file to fool the users and you would feel very difficult to identify it. At this moment, perhaps you are experiencing Searchindexer.exe constantly eats most of the CPU. It stays tied up for several minutes. And everything else becomes "hung".

Ways to repair the Searchindexer.exe errors

If you are not certain what to do when you are suffering from Searchindexer.exe error, you may try to restart your machine and this might fix a temporary problem; Then you can try to rebuilt the index, manually remove the index data folder completely; Reinstall and then restart Windows Search from the add/ remove Windows features; Run the control panel troubleshooting for Search and Indexing, end and restart the Searchindexer.exe in Task Manager, and have Service Pack 1 installed.

If Searchindexer.exe error is specific to some application, just uninstall and reinstall it, then restart your pc to see the result. If it doesn't work, run registry cleaning software like DLL TOOL, which is specially designed for such a complicated situation where the corrupted dll file is rooted.

This repair software is to fix SearchIndexer.exe Runtime Error or any other dll errors including .exe high CPU /memory usage by means of cleaning up the registry malfunction and free download features.

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