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How to fix atikmdag.sys errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads atikmdag.sys and repairs atikmdag.sys bluescreen of death for PCs running Microsoft OS such as Windows Vista and Windows 8.1.

Detailed information about atikmdag.sys

Atikmdag.sys is ATI Radeon graphics driver system driver file and is described as atikmdag. This driver file is developed by ATI Technologies Inc. and is an integral part of ATI Radeon Family. The file has a digital signature by the Microsoft Time-Stamp Service, which is the Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher.

It is not recommended to delete the Atikmdag.sys file from Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher. This file is available for a series of Microsoft Windows operating system and is a third party product recognized by Microsoft Corporation for its products.

The ATI card displays fine until any driver is installed, currently amd/ati are on 11.1. However, you have to try several previous versions and the direct manufacturer (XFX) and windows driver update. As soon as any driver is installed after a restart of the system, you get to login with "atikmdag.sys". The windows will be able to run without the drivers in safe mode.

Primarily, when you are playing games such as League of Legends, it has become more often that usually at some point in the game; your screen will be abnormal when the installation of atikmdag.sys is improper. As a game fan, you must have been quite familiar with high quality visual effect given by your windows that are supported by this file for such a special feature.

What are common signs of atikmdag.sys errors?

  1. Win 7 x64 + IE 9 beta and ATi video card Stop Error (0x7f - UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP) on dxgmms1.sys and atikmdag.sys. Once in a while, when browsing with IE9 you have a Stop Error (BSoD), of which the dumps either refers to either to the ATi card (atikmdag.sys) or to this dxgmms1.sys, which should be a DirectX component.
  2. Been having random BSOD's with atikmdag.sys as the culprit. Have drivers updated to 10.4 and had no issues until recently.
  3. Blue Screen with atikmdag.sys won't allow for restore installation to finish: All you get is when you restart is the windows logo as if it is starting then a flash from the blue screen and to the black one, and then it repeats.
  4. Receiving stop error: atikmdag.sys, while trying to install Windows 7: First has issues with the installation disk and after resolving that you get the BSOD with a reference to atikmdag.sys.
  5. Repeated blue screens when idle & restarting every 15 minutes caused by driver: atikmdag.sys: It does this every few days. It stops having problems if you come back to your machine and start using it. BSOD mostly happens when the system is idle. You only know it is happening from seeing the system log.

What are the causes of atikmdag.sys errors?

Mostly this error is about blue screen of death (BSOD). BSOD comes after loading Windows just before "Welcome" screen. After rebooting 2-3 times Windows loading as usual; During installing chipset driver and after definition of Windows productivity(on DX9 Texture Loading); Comes also then you are trying to play Trine, Dead Island, in the middle of round in Dota 2, then playing Just Cause 2, in one scene in KOTOR and others; Comes on Windows XP and Seven. It is not an overheat, memory or hard drive errors.

The issue can arise when you are working with both IE9 and WLM2011 at the same time. It also has some relation to your Microsoft Intellitype & Intellipoint keyboard & mouse so those were uninstalled, but 2 days later it happened again. Actually uninstalling it caused more BSODs so you have to perform a manual removal of the files using Revo Uninstaller.

Atikmdag.sys error sometimes results from the corruption of other dll files, such as ntkrnlpa.exe and dwm.exe.

For example, after a full scan with your Antimalware, you find the computer restarts at the login screen, then you are just given the "Windows has recovered from an error" box after logging on, you boot your machine into safe mode and do a full scan with the Antimalware and again find nothing. Upon the completion of malware scan, you are determined to investigate the two dump files generated from the BSODs using Microsoft's Debugging application from the Windows SDK package to find out that in both files, the file "atikmdag.sys" is the culprit of the error and it is ultimately caused by the desktop windows manager "dwm.exe".

In another case, this error starts when you would do a Full-System Scan with your machine with your Antivirus; Upon starting the scan, you notice that your machine is at the login screen and once after logging on to your account you realized that your pc probably have been infected. No components are overheating, updated BIOS, no power shortages, cad installed in the correct slot.

Solutions to resolving atikmdag.sys problems

After referencing a lot of forums, you will find out that there are similar issues to this all over the place when using the "ati HD5770" card. After upgrading from WinXP to Windows 7, your ATI Radeon X1650 Pro card would crash randomly; You opened a ticket with Microsoft and they were very diligent about trying to solve it but the only suggestions were to upgrade the drivers and BIOS.

To solve atikmdag.sys issues, basically, you can remove ATI Catalyst Control Center and restart to safe mode to remove the display drivers, then install the latest drivers from their official website. You are supposed to select the right version of the driver for your operating system. You have to try it out if you do it all by yourself. For example, you have to try different versions of video driver with full uninstalling of previous one; Install the driver without CCC and with it.

One problem is that it is necessary to install the Catalyst Control Center which atikmdag.sys is a part of when reinstalling the drivers. So you are in dilemma of installing the specialized drivers or using the generic driver. Let DLL TOOL help you with this situation by repairing related registry issue and then reminding you of the right version of drivers to be reinstalled.

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