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How to fix upnp.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads upnp.dll and repairs upnp.dll missing or can't be found error for PCs running Microsoft OS such as Windows Vista and Windows 8.1.

Everything about upnp.dll

Upnp.dll is referred to Universal Plug and Play API. This DLL is preinstalled with Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, and Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. Its default directory is C: \ WINDOWS\ system32\ upnp.dll and the file version is 5.1.2600.1106.

The upnp.dll file is provided for all the devices that have plug and play. Because of this file, the currently popular gadgets, such as keyboards, mouse, flash disks, speakers, web cameras, monitor, and many others are able to communicate with the window based operating system of your machine. The upnp.dll file is a backbone and foundation of Windows XP that preserves the peer-to-peer plug and play functions for the network devices.

The upnp.dll file is specially created to make you feel easy while installing network service and running network service manager. The upnp is able to regularly modulate network addressing and inform the occurrence of the new network plug-up in the windows system. It allows for exchange of files from either your machine or the plug-in device. This file greatly expands the availability of your computer for the outside service and enhances the mobility.

The upnp.dll file can be added to Windows XP operating system by using the Add or Remove Programs tool in the control panel. If this file already exists, your Window-based machine will play a role of the program manipulator for the device. The notification box that is shown on the task bar will be seen right after. The upnp.dll file's function is the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP), a new breed of control points, wherein the upnp.dll file identifies the data sent from plug in devices can intertwine with the computer system.

Common error messages of upnp.dll

  1. Linksys Nas200 not visible anymore in your workgroup based local network using windows7. It is visible as media player and with uPNP it asks for a driver. You have the same problems with your LaCIE network drive
  2. The error "A connection to the access point could not be established. Check the security settings for the wireless LAN". The connective troubleshooter identifies that "Your network is not configured to allow UPnP forwarding".
  3. You have a laptop running Windows 7 that once connected to a NAS drive won't recognize UPnP devices, is very slow to uninstall programs, will not shutdown, and generally grinds to a halt.
  4. Cannot connect to GFWL despite UPNP enabled on router: If you disable UPNP on your router, you can connect to GFWL with no problems. But obviously this leaves you Moderate NAT on your Xbox 360.
  5. Faulting application wmplayer.exe, version 11.0.6001.7110, time stamp 0x49360d30, faulting module wmp.dll, version 11.0.6001.7110, time stamp 0x49362665, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000000000043bbac, process id 0x1f3c, application start time 0x01c9b37f38c589f9.
  6. Zune on PC does not discover UPNP media server but Zune on Windows Phone and WMP on same PC does.
  7. Windows Live Messenger shows Connected with a non UPnP port restricted NAT ONLY when you sign in. If you look under tools/options/connection before sign in or under s different user name, there is no problem.

What are the causes of upnp.dll errors?

This trouble could start happening when you are installing the Windows software and was changing other software at the time. You have recently bought a HTPC and installed Windows 7 and the WD software. You do suspect that the registry of your machine may have some corruption.

When Visual Studio 2010 help update is started, CPU usage goes to 100%, Downloading Packages 1 of 63 is displayed and nothing changes for hours; no net activity happens. The CPU is consumed by the program hosting UPnP services. When UPnP host service is stopped, package download starts. There is some kind of a service which lazy-loads on windows 7 which is disabling this capability. It could be a case of a driver freezing.

If you carefully examine the live sync options there is a checkbox to "use UPnP to automatically forward ports, but no matter how many times you clear this, it doesn't save the setting and it is always checked for the client settings. Several vulnerabilities have been announced in the products related Upnp.dll, such as Libupnp, the open source portable SDK for UPnP devices. Libupnp is being adopted by many vendors for UPnP-enabled devices.

Virus infection can also lead to the upnp.dll issue. For instance, watching videos streamed from a local UPnP server in Windows Media Player generates large .dat files in \Users\username\ AppData\ Local\ Microsoft\ Windows\ Temporary Internet Files\ Content.IE5\ RANDOMFOLDERNAME\. These files can grow dozens of GB and don't seem to delete themselves. The "Disk space to use" parameter in "Temporary Internet Files and History Settings" doesn't seem to help keep these files away.

How to fix upnp.dll errors?

The proper workaround is to turn off UPnP to see whether the issue is gone or not. Opening My Network Places will show a network icon. When right-clicking this icon, selecting properties, Windows will prompt you that this device does not exist on my network, and no properties are available as well. Closing the window and then re-opening it will result in responsive behavior respectively.

After this is done, use a network protocol analyzer to check whether the UPnP requests go out on the XP PC or on the Vista PC. You have to enable SSDP and Network Discovery in Windows Firewall, un-install your anti-virus software and turn off Windows Firewall. Ensure that the related settings are correct for smooth working of UPnP from working. You can try sharing files in a home group arrangement.

Then use your AV to scan your system for infection and remove the inflicted files immediately after the scan result come out. But you have to repair the affected registry entries at the same time, or the error message won't be removed completely. DLL TOOL will be helpful in this situation, because it supports for exact troubleshooting of dll related registry issues.

Besides, this software will enable your to download the corrupted upnp.dll for free!

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