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How to fix WebDAV.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads WebDAV.dll and repairs WebDAV.dll missing or can't be found error for PCs running Microsoft OS such as Windows Vista and Windows 8.1.

Everything about WebDAV.dll

Webdav.dll is filename of the library running on Microsoft Windows operating system. This library is closely associated with webdav library, Internet Information Services, TODO and WebDav. It belongs to companies MacroData Inc., Microsoft Corporation and TODO. It is usually described as WebDav. This library is located in directories C:\ Program Files\ NetDrive, C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv, C:\ Program Files\ NETDRIVE, C:\ Windows\ SysWOW64\ inetsrv.

In Word 2010 when you use https:// fileaddress you can open the file after you accept the certificate and enter user/ password (LDAP). When you use http:// fileaddress it just opens a blank word document without any errors or notifications. The Webdav share is hosted on a windows server in a data center and you can access it over the internet. You has full permissions to the share and can copy the file locally and attach it; You drag and drop using the attach button.

In a new organization where machines are randomly dropping off the domain, it is necessary for searching through all the issues pertaining to domain connectivity; network connectivity, time difference, etc. The technicians explain that they have a support job where the user couldn't see a WebDAV connected file share. Obviously they put a registry entry in against the WebClient service to force it to pass credentials through to the SharePoint server so the users can log on to the SharePoint site without repetition of constantly entering credentials.

Server roles installed include Active Directory Certificate Services, Active Directory Domain Services, DNS Server, File Services and Web Server (IIS). A well established intranet can properly work both with HTTP and HTTPS using the self-signed certificate. You depend on webdav folders for creating websites and having to upload one file at a time is getting very old. These folders are secured using self-signed SSL certificates, HTTPS, and basic authentication.

What are common signs of WebDAV.dll errors?

  1. Your Word 2010 started getting this message OneNote cannot sync changes in this notebook because WebDAV support is not enabled on your computer. (Error code: 0xE0000784). Your One Note would not sync with Skydrive.
  2. When trying to log into your Outlook calendar you get the failure: "Failed to send webdav.calendar" and Outlook shuts down. The calendar use to work fine. This just recently started happening.
  3. Outlook Requesting Authentication to Jackrabbit WebDav Server when printing from some travel sites. This one happens to be Delta, but others are guilty also. When the dialog box shows up, you are able to cancel it. It brings another up, then you cancel that one, and then it will print.
  4. "The upload of Calendar failed. The calendar was not published to the server. This might be because the calendar name is not valid. Rename your calendar in Outlook, and then publish again."
  5. Unable to sync notebooks in OneNote 2010. WebDAV support no enabled. Error message OxE0000784. It advised you to contact your administrator but you are the administrator on your home computer.
  6. The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another" error when you use "Add a network connection" to connect to a nested WebDAV subfolder in Windows 8.
  7. "OneNote cannot sync changes in this notebook because WebDAV support is not enabled on your computer." Error code states, "OneNote cannot sync changes in this notebook because WebDAV support is not enabled on your computer. (Error code: 0xE0000784)".

What are the causes of WebDAV.dll errors?

A dialogue box named "Copy File" comes up saying that an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. Occasionally, when trying to save a file to the server, this document might have been changed by another person, or something along those lines. The document is then saved with changes in marked text. It would be great if a saved WebDAV network file was actually treated just as a mapped file.

When you request Windows 7 PRO backup for backup to network and use the UNC and put into your domain credentials you are prompted with ACCESS IS DENIED. Even though you can access to your WebDAV share on the same machine by mapping a drive, the folder you entered seems not to be valid. Sync Offline files is not available for a mapped WebDAV network drive. Windows would never stop asking for credentials to previously mapped network drives.

Finally, the server log doesn't have any entries that show that Word tries to write to the server and is causing an error. There are log entries when the file is opened with "GET", but no any other messages are displayed there. WebDAV won't support for uploading a file too large for destination of file system.

Approaches to resolving WebDAV.dll errors

The first option is finding Web Folders on My Computer which doesn't show up. Right clicking on your machine, then add a network connection. If it comes up with the message 'The folder you entered does not appear to be valid', the only workaround is to download the file locally, make the edits and then save the file directly the to the WebDAV folder.

The best option is using caldav/ carddav to sync/ update all relative contacts and calendars to you, using MS office to edit a word / excel file on NAS via WebDav. Sometimes it keeps asking for ID / Password and no matter how you play with the credential. This influences both .doc and .docx documents; you can open other kinds of file in this directory on the server with other programs. You can move the file to and from a directory on your local programs, work on them, and put the file back to the server but not store the file directly to the server volume from Word.

Alternatively, apart from a restart of the service and the simplest fix for the domain disjoin, you can try DLL TOOL scan your system for any conflict or improper setting of your system files. This repair software will help you update your driver files or reinstall any corrupted dll file for free.

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