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How to fix bcdboot.exe errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads bcdboot.exe and repairs bcdboot.exe application errors for machines installed with MS OS such as Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Basics of bcdboot.exe

BCD stands for Boot Configuration Data. The bcdboot.exe is a Bcdboot utility. Bcdboot.exe is created by Microsoft Corporation as part of Microsoft Windows Operating System. It's an invisible system file and is typically found in the %SYSTEM% folder by default. The normal size is 144,896 bytes.

Differences between BCDboot and BCDEdit

Considering what has been explained in some written material, it seems that they both can do primarily the same thing excluding the troubleshooting of boot environments, then this can easily be an unnecessary question.

BCDboot.exe is a utility applied to rapidly establish a system partition, or to fix the boot environment located on the system partition that is built by transferring a small collection of boot environment files from an installed image based on Windows. BCDboot also generates a BCD store on the system partition with a new boot entry enabling you to boot to the installed Windows image.

BCDEdit is a set of command lines for controlling BCD stores. It can be available for many different usages, such as setting up new stores, changing existing stores, adding boot menu parameters, and so on. Its functions are mainly the same as Bootcfg.exe on earlier versions of Windows.

Typical problems of bcdboot.exe file

  1. You have created a Win 7 Pro image in audit mode and captured it off using imagex on a PE3 USB drive. When imaging it back onto the machine and running bcdboot C:\windows it presents two boot entries but without running bcdboot the system will not run.
  2. You scan your machine with Advanced Systemcare and when it ran through the registry defrag it said that bcdboot has become fragmented. Upon the next start-up it defrags several items in the registry, but when it gets down to bcdboot it fails to defrag it.
  3. You have created vhd file using the disk management tool, and you are having problem executing BCDboot tool from windows 7 Enterprise.
  4. Unable to load MUI file for BCD strings, get "Unable to load MUI file for BCD strings." when using bcdboot.exe.

Why do you have bcdboot.exe issues?

Actually, BCDboot is a troubleshooting tool not an editor for the bootcfg.exe, it can modify the BCD but as for the question it says add not repair a VHD to/ in the boot menu. If you don't have any Microsoft certificates and this is going to be your first MS test, then be aware that there are questions just like this that will mislead you.

It is assumed the bcdboot.exe error has to do with the various .mui files that exist. Identify which one you need or where it goes.

How to resolve bcdboot.exe issues?

At first, try to get the functions to go in MSConfig and remove one of the entries and make the changes permanent; You are not supposed to exclude something when running ImageX and ensure that there is no restriction of bcdboot.

For the last step, you would run DLL TOOL to determine the root cause of bcdboot.exe issues. Meanwhile, perform an auto fix if there are some errors displayed in the scan result.

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