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How to fix System.Net.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads System.Net.dll and repairs System.Net.dll is missing error for machines installed with MS OS such as Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Introduction to System.Net.dll

First, I should remind you of fact that there is no existence of System.Net.dll at all. And it is known that System.Net namespace is included in the System.dll assembly. If you have an error statement as 'Meta data file 'System.Net.dll' could not be found when you are using Visual C# .NET compiler version 7.009466 and Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.0.3705, it probably means that your computer has been infected.

You are welcomed to apply DLL TOOL to determine whether a dll file is legitimate or not, and you are ensured of removing any dll errors, such blue screen of death, high cpu /memory usage and .dll missing /not found.

The System.Net.dll related problems and corresponding solutions

1) The SMTP server needs a reliable connection or the client was not authorized. The server response is 5.5.1 Authentication Required, System.Net Mail Smtp Exception.

To start just-in-time (JIT) debugging, the jit Debugging value of the .config file should be set for this application or machine config in the system windows forms section. The application should also be written with debugging started. When you start up JIT debugging, any unresolved exception will be sent to the JIT debugger logged on your machine rather than be resoled by this dialog box.

2) System.Net.Sockets.Socket Exception: No access could be made because the specified computer actively refused it.

You are not allowed to log on your Embroidiers web site and receive the above error like Server Error in My Embroideries Application. No access could be made because the target computer won't allow you to do so. An unresolved exception took place during the implementation of the present web request. You are supposed to examine the record for the details about the cause of the error and the source of the error code.

Source Error: The details with respect to the origin and location of the exception can be determined using the exception stack trace ‘System.Net Mail SmtpException happens occasionally while sending emails.

3) You have a small MVC application hosted on an AWS server. It is used to send email to the designated user. Every time one email is sent, the emails are sent successfully after an interval of few minutes. But if the emails are sent quickly without any interruption, it is abnormal and there is no specific pattern for this error. Because sometimes access cannot be made, while sometimes, it is done smoothly. You are confronting with this same problem for two separate applications hosted on different AWS servers.

An access attempt fails because the accessed side does not correctly react after a period of time, or current access fails because the accessed host has failed to react. Due to this delegation is not working from web services proxy and you have web services proxy via Network Credentials to register via a domain account, web service will call into SQL server.

This error may occur when you run the visual studio 2010 to generate facebook application. Run DLL TOOL to check and fix it automatically.

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