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How to fix userenv.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads userenv.dll and repairs userenv.dll is missing error for machines installed with MS OS such as Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Introduction to userenv.dll

Userenv.dll contains API functions to generate and control user profiles. USERENV is a function preserved for backward compatibility. It is suggested to apply the SYS_CONTEXT function into the built-in USERENV namespace for current functionality. USERENV feedbacks information about the current session that is useful for respectively compiling an application audit trail table or for respectively identifying the language characters currently being employed by your session.

USERENV is not available in the condition of a CHECK limitation. All calls to USERENV return VARCHAR2 data except for calls with the SESSIONID and ENTRYID parameters, which return NUMBER. Basically, Userenv.dll feeds back no less than 64 bytes of user session information that can be kept by a utility using the DBMS APPLICATION INFO package.

Some business applications may be applying this context value. You may access the applicable information for those applications to decide on what limitations they may impose on use of this context area. The present audit entry number and the audit entryid sequence are shared between fine-grained audit records and regular audit records. You cannot apply this attribute into distributed SQL statements.

ISDBA returns 'TRUE' if the user has been approved as having DBA privileges either via the operating system or via a password file. LANG feeds back the ISO abbreviation for the language name, a shorter form than the existing 'LANGUAGE' parameter. LANGUAGE returns the language and territory used by the current session along with the database character set in language territory character set.

SESSIONID feed backs the auditing session identifier. You cannot define this parameter in distributed SQL statements. TERMINAL feeds back the system identifier for the terminal of the present session. In distributed SQL statements, it feeds back the identifier for your local session. In a distributed environment, it is enabled only for remote SELECT statements.

What are common signs of userenv.dll errors?

  1. System & Program error log: Service Control Manager Error- Event ID: 7000 and 7023; Application error log: Userenv Error- Event ID: 1041.
  2. In windows 2003 server you are getting in application log the following IDs 1030 and 1058 source userenv.
  3. Get regsvr32 userenv.dll error 0x80070005 when attempting to fix your missing Windows Media Player and Media Center 8 in Windows 8 build 9200. The media players disappeared after a system refresh.
  4. UserEnv Event Log Error 1081 "Windows cannot impersonate the user. (The handle is invalid). Group Policy processing aborted."
  5. You finally managed to update your Win 7 64 pro laptop with SP 1 and then the problems started! On restart you had error messages that the pcRTRemote.dll and USERENV.dll were corrupt or not designed to work with Windows.
  6. Have an issue where certain users get this event id with error: windows cannot determine user or computer name (not enough storage available to complete this operation) group policy processing aborted. Other users can logon to the PC without getting this issue. Recreating the profile makes no difference. The affected users are in a large number of Active roles groups (469) many of these nested groups.

Why do you have userenv.dll errors?

This kind of errors means that your computer could not discharge the user's profile because an application is accessing the user's section of the registry, which locks the profile. Windows discharges each user's profile after the user logs off. The registry cannot discharge profiles that are being used. When the application that is locking the profile is no longer reading data from the registry, the profile will be released.

This error might be caused by the fault of the related dll file. After finishing the Windows 7 SP 1 upgrade you now get the error on every startup as C: / Windows\ system32\ RpcRtRemote.dll is either not designed to work on windows or it includes an error. Try installing the program again via the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. then a second same error displays for USERENV.dll.

After your machine is installed the newest Windows Updates, you have a corrupted "userenv.dll". You tried restoring your machine to an earlier time but it did not work.

Approaches to solving userenv.dll errors

For a manual solution, you can try uninstalling SP1 through the control panel; Using system restore with your virus program being disabled; Pressing F8 during start up and disabling the signature enforcement.

It would be helpful if you like to check your Application Event Log, remove the irrelevant Information entries, and see if you've been getting these errors. Then let us know if their behavior has something to do with installation of MSSE, the edition of Windows and the version of MSSE.

And for a secure and quick solution, DLL TOOL is your right choice by its auto diagnosis and repair of associated registry keys as well as free download of dll file including userenv.dll.

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