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DLL ToolDLL Tool serves you as your favorite helper whenever you are stuck with several faulty DLL files in one time, fixing them and recovering your PC performance to your satisfactory!

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When you encounter the malfunctions of several DLL file simultaneously, what will you do? Are you annoyed by them? Don't worry; here comes a DLL file fixer DLL Tool for you to deal with any DLL issues in an easy and professional way! This DLL fix tool has an auto scan and fix feature, it allows you download DLL free and restore the related registry entries free!

DLL Introduction

At startup, Windows loads the operating system files into a protected area of system memory to ensure your computer runs properly and plays nicely with other running programs. They are essential to your computer system and generally known as DLL file used in windows 7, windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista for both 32 bits and 64 bits. DLL files are composed of three kinds of system files: .dll, .exe and .sys or .drv.

DLL file issues are mostly tied with invalid or incorrect registry files resulting from virus attacks, corruption in DLL file and outdated DLL file and others. DLL file error can give rise to various other errors like Blue Screen error, program freezing and missing DLL file, etc. To determine what damage DLL file has brought to your PC, please download the Windows DLL fixer DLL Tool for a free detection.

Symptoms of DLL Problems

Usually, Windows pops up DLL file error messages. There are a number of different ways that the DLL file fault may show up on your computer. DLL file error messages are generated by many different programs in Windows, the following are some of the more common specific error messages you may see:

  1. DLL file is missing
  2. DLL file was not found
  3. Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module dll file
  4. Error in DLL file
  5. [PROGRAM NAME] has caused an error in DLL file
  6. DLL file failed to load at startup of [PROGRAM NAME]
  7. DLL procedure entry point GetCurrentProcessorNumber could not be located in DLL file
  8. DLL file offset 00012afb
  9. DLL file faulting module indicating that some DLL file was missing, these are the most common ones.

Causes of DLL Issues

As we understand that DLL files are important and applied quite often for operating systems, you can highly expect a faulty DLL because of the following reasons:

  1. Virus infection by malware, adware, Trojan, worms, spyware, scareware, or any other potentially unwanted software which changes DLL file registry entries for malicious purposes; in this case, the virus can effectively grab control of your PC's operating system, or at least you would have problems with a DLL error pop-up, you need to go into your registry and delete the DLL related entries;
  2. Installing and uninstalling new programs, these programs share the functions of DLL file and thus may corrupt the codes of the DLL file;
  3. Corrupted registry entries of other DLL files, leading to a faulty DLL file registry.
  4. Uninstalling of software can delete a DLL file that was also required by another application.

Other reasons behind DLL file errors are:

  1. A working DLL file being overwritten by a bad one;
  2. A DLL file being removed from your system by mistake;
  3. Low disk space;
  4. Damaged or incorrect version of the DLL file;
  5. Hardware, hot CPU, over clocking, broken power supply, RF noise, ground bounce, or bad hard disk controller.

As it is so complicated to know exactly which the actual clue to deal with is, we suggest that you use DLL error fixer DLL Tool.

Solutions of DLL Errors

As for the DLL file fix, it is possible to manually repair a single DLL file problem, but facing a comprehensive fault of DLL files, doing yourself will increase the possibilities of system damage. This is really not advisable unless you are absolutely sure that you know exactly what you are doing! For many computer users with limited computer knowledge, performing the professional-like manual solutions is mostly not an easy task; the Windows registry can suffer serious (perhaps irreparable) damage if it is modified incorrectly. Some even have no patience to refer to and follow the complex fixing process. Therefore, if you do not know any computer professionals around, it is strongly recommended to use our windows DLL error repair tool to perform a DLL file error fix.

But before trying DLL missing download, you need to detect and remove the virus by your antivirus software, deleting any suspicious item found. Nevertheless, the effect of removing a virus can be as dramatic as the aftermath of a disaster. After eradicating a virus or other form of virus infection, Windows is left in a somewhat broken state. This requires a professional registry optimizer like DLL Tool to get rid of them.

» Download and install dll repair software like DLL Tool to your computer.
» Run the program and fix any listed DLL error in the auto run.
» Perform DLL download by using the free function of DLL Tool, which provides you a clean copy of this file.
» Press "Start", then "Run" and type in "system32"
» Copy the DLL file to this directory (or drag and drop it into the window)
» Close the window. You should no longer receive the ".dll" error message after this point.

DLL Tool is an all mighty DLL repair tool. It enables you to fix any DLL error, such as .dll missing errors, .sys blue screen of death (BSOD), .exe virus infection, and supports for free download of missing DLL files, whether you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP PCs, including both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Please download it now!

8.13 MB - Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, 32- & 64-bit

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