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DLL ToolDLL Tool allows you to download DLL file for free and carry out automatic fix, no matter what kind of operating system you are using. It also functions to clear .sys blue screen of death (BSOD) or .exe virus infection, keeping your machine away from the common PC troubles.

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  1. Have you been experiencing DLL file problems while you are surfing the internet or playing your favorite game?
  2. Are you annoyed by DLL errors?
  3. Do you want to know any work-around that can make your operating system be as normal so that you can enjoy the best performance of it?

With the help of Microsoft DLL repair software DLL Tool, everything will come true!

DLL Introduction

DLL is a very important file for operating system Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7/8 or Windows Vista. It is to ensure your computer runs properly and reacts well to other running programs. It contains many different functions used by other programs, but which cannot be run by itself. A lack or damage of it would cause a hard time to operate relevant components of the system, thus settings or applications would run abnormally. Please use the DLL fixer DLL Tool to restore it to its best state.

Because the DLL file is so essential and frequently used, you can often ‘spot' a DLL fault by the pop-up prompt of your Windows, urging you to deal with it. At other times, running the anti-virus software will pick up errors in the DLL file. But the problems with DLL file are often so miscellaneous that you need to run a Windows DLL files fixer DLL Tool to know what is exactly wrong with DLL files.

By the way, DLL files actually consist of three kinds of system files: .dll file, .exe file and .sys file or .drv file. They are vulnerable to improper operation and viruses.

  1. The .dll (Dynamic Link Library) is a library of shared files that allow many programs to run at one time on your Windows computer. Windows .dll files cause numerous errors when missing or damaged.
  2. The .exe file runs programs itself, it allows users to launch programs without needing additional software on the user's computer special software.
  3. Files with the .sys file extension are used to store data about the device drivers, settings and other Windows system information on a computer.

Symptoms of DLL file issues

Usually, Windows pops up DLL file error messages. There are a number of different ways that the DLL file error may show up on your computer; the most common ones are "the file DLL file is missing or Was Not Found", or something like the following:

  1. Unable to locate dll.
  2. Cannot find the dll file at desired location.
  3. Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: dll file. Please install [APPLICATION] again.
  4. This application failed to start because dll file was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.


You likely meet these messages when you login onto Windows, shut off Windows, install or uninstall software.

Why this kind of things happened?

A common cause of DLL fault is that the DLL has been deleted by mistake. A DLL problem may also occur when its version is not compatible with that of your windows operating system.

Registry error is another common cause to a serious DLL issue. The Windows registry functions as one of the critical parts of Windows operating system. Any error or problem with Windows registry can bring about further complicated and dangerous system malfunctions to your pc, such as Blue Screen of Death, software instability, system freezes and system file corruption. To totally resolve DLL issue, you may consider firstly repairing the registry problems with a free PC optimizer like DLL Tool.

DLL file error sometimes may result from the malfunction of hardware or software of your machine, but mostly, errors you encounter are caused by spyware, adware or viruses that have occupied your computer. All these malicious programs intrude on system files and consume a large volume of disk space, thus leading to corrupted or missing DLL file or even bluescreen of death, and a slow PC as a side effect.


Solution One: Replace the Missing or Corrupt DLL File
This may happen if a user is trying to remove a file with a similar name and deletes one of the important DLL files. To fix the missing DLL error, you need to ensure that you are keeping DLL download free from infection of malware, adware, Trojan or rootkit. Our DLL repair tool can help you with DLL missing download by providing a free and clean library for any DLL file. Just download and install DLL Tool to your computer. Then click its download DLL free button and register the DLL again using the Regsvr32 command.

Solution Two: Update the Windows System
To repair a DLL error caused by the out of date version of the DLL file, you have to check and make sure that all the vital software as well as the Windows system is up to date. To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Click Start, go to Control Panel.
  2. Enable the Windows Update utility.
  3. Follow the instruction to install AxtiveX and click Install to install Windows Update utility.
  4. Install all of the updates.
  5. Restart PC to confirm the modification.

Solution Three: Fix Registry Problems
An efficient solution for DLL problem is to enable a reliable and powerful registry optimizer DLL Tool onto your computer. It is equipped with professional utilities which can provide you with comprehensive solutions to safely repair corrupt registry files, totally removing undesirable registry components and fixing obscure registry errors. Luckily, DLL Tool is free for this function.

To fix DLL file error is absolutely not a piece of cake as the above reasons have implied. Even if you are able to find a clean and reliable version of DLL file to download, you still face the challenge to install it properly and remove all other problems at the same time. Therefore, the professional DLL error fixer DLL Tool is highly recommended here for you to fix DLL file issue.

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