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DLL ToolDLL Tool is your right choice to repair all DLL errors such as .dll file missing, .exe virus infection and .sys blue screen of death, root out the causes in related registry entries, refreshing and stabilizing your PC.

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What Are DLLs

DLLs are often a part of an application or software program, containing some of the application's instructions or additional data required by the application. They are also used to share components between applications–it's a way to create modular components that can be replaced or updated without having to update the entire application. DLL files include system files mostly with .dll, .exe and .sys file extensions, and are a key component of the Windows operating system, which have been so since the earliest versions.

DLL Files Errors Symptoms

Just seeing that a DLL file is listed in a popup error message, you can't tell that the DLL file is definitely the cause. DLL files often stand out in error messages only because they are attached to the primary, core, basic functions of the operating system. These kinds of error messages feature DLL file names in the error code.

DLL errors are rarely hardware issues since the DLL files are results of functions within the software applications of the system itself rather than the hardware components. The types of DLL error are mostly like DLL is missing or was not found, high CPU/memory usage due to .exe virus infection, .sys blue screen of death.

If you receive one of these types of errors, it is a good idea to run an auto scan of Windows DLL error repair software DLL Tool rather than attempt a repair on your own because of the importance of these files. Other DLL files may easily be corrected by means of download DLL free. DLL missing download then goes with installation of the replacement file. DLL repair program DLL Tool contains all the latest versions of three main types of DLL files, and is the right choice for this DLL download and installation process, making you hassle-free while keeping all of them up-to-date.

Causes of DLL Issues

The common causes of DLL issue are bad installation and uninstalling of software, incompatible version of related DLL files, virus infection. All of them come down to the affected registry entries.

DLL Error Solutions

Fix Registry Problems
The Windows registry serves as one of the critical parts of Windows operating system used to store settings and options for low-level operating system components and third- party program, including kernel, device drivers, services, SAM, user interface and third party applications all get access to Windows registry. The final cause of any DLL error or problem lies in Windows registry; if it is not cleared right away, it can bring about further complicated and dangerous system problems to your computer, such as unexpected Blue Screen of Death errors, increasing times of system freezes, software instability and system file corruption. To totally fix DLL error, you may consider firstly repairing the registry problems by a free registry cleaner as DLL Tool, which is equipped with professional utilities and is able to comprehensively and safely repair corrupt registry files, totally removing undesirable registry components and fix obscure registry errors. How to correct dll error and get rid of registry problems efficiently?

The solution is the cleaning of registry in two ways:

  1. Manual cleaning: You can access the Windows registry by clicking the Start, Run and type regedit into the search box and click OK. The Registry Editor starts up. From there you can manually look up the error or invalid entries and remove such entries. a proper safety measures should be taken while cleaning the registry error because the registry are like a back bone and the consequences can be harsh and even it's a time consuming task. Cautious measures must be taken to do because it's irreversible and you will have to face the consequences if anything went wrong, so the back up for the registry must be created before preceding the registry cleaning.
  2. Using a free registry optimizer: This is the best and efficient way to clean up the registry errors because the manual cleaning may be time consuming and harsh, and if you use free registry optimizer like DLL Tool, just download and install it onto your computer, then run an auto scan and you'll fix the problem.

And as we already know that registry is the heart of windows operating system and is thus often used, it should be cleaned up regularly so as to keep the optimized performance for your machine!

DLL Issue Prevention during Software Installing and Uninstalling
The first thing you can do to prevent DLL errors is to take extra care whenever installing or uninstalling any applications to or from your PC. Make sure, first of all, that the process runs completely. If you receive a DLL error after uninstalling a program, try reinstalling it and then uninstalling it again only this time without deleting or overwriting the DLL file in question.

Also, when installing or uninstalling anything, be sure not to overwrite shared DLLs or delete any shared DLLs that might be needed by any other applications on your PC. You will always be prompted before any shared DLLs are deleted or overwritten.

Regularly Run A DLL Fixer
Another simple way to help prevent DLL errors on your PC is to run a DLL fixer regularly. It is normal for you to install new software and then uninstall it; a DLL file may be corrupted in this process. And quite often, a virus will cause a missing or corrupt DLL file. Therefore, you need to run a DLL error repair tool which has a function of auto check. The special DLL files fixer DLL Tool features to auto scan the DLL faults by the category of .dll, .exe and .sys, thus helping you find out any DLL issues present on your PC!

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