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DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads Nslookup.exe and repairs Nslookup.exe application error and ordinal not found error and error code 1108 caused by virus for Microsoft Windows 7/8/XP/Vista operating systems.

What is Nslookup.exe?

Nslookup.exe is the Microsoft name server lookup utility. Nslookup is a network utility program used to obtain information about Internet servers. The name nslookup means name server lookup. As its name suggests, the utility finds name server information for domains by the Domain Name System (DNS).It is a command-line program that allows you to lookup name server information, such as what IP address a domain name resolves to or what domain name an IP address resolves to.

Nslookup does not use the operating system's local Domain Name System resolver library to perform its queries, and thus may behave differently to dig (which does). Additionally, vendor-provided versions can confuse matters by using or including output of other sources of name information (such as host files, Network Information Service). Some behaviors of nslookup may be modified by the contents of resolv.conf.

Nslookup operates in interactive or non-interactive mode. When used interactively by invoking it without arguments or when the first argument is - (minus sign) and the second argument is a host name or Internet address of a name server, the user issues parameter configurations or requests when presented with the nslookup prompt (>). When no arguments are given, then the command queries the default server. The - (minus sign) invokes subcommands which are specified on the command line and should precede nslookup commands. In non-interactive mode, i.e. when the first argument is a name or Internet address of the host being searched, parameters and the query are specified as command line arguments in the invocation of the program. The non interactive mode searches the information for a specified host using the default name server.

Nslookup.exe Errors

  1. Nslookup works but nothing else has DNS on standalone Win7 PC.
    Description: Network and sharing center shows both as connected and no internet access. Ipconfig /registerdns brings up the error: Registration of DNS failed: The RPC server is unavailable which seems strange as RPC says its running in services.msc and everything else seems to be OK. There are a few pages on the web that mention this error but they all seem to apply to servers and this is a vanilla dell laptop running Win7HP64.
  2. Nslookup works, but ping fails by hostname (works by ip). IE cannot display the webpage. Description: Unable to access Internet; firewall uninstalled; Microsoft Security Essentials (AV) installed; ipconfig /all shows a 192.168.x.x ip address allocated to my ethernet adapter. TCP/IP properties are set to Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Able to perform name lookups, and ping by ip address, but cannot ping by hostname. When trying to browse through to a website, it shows the message Waiting for http://xxx.xxx.xxx in the status bar but fails to load the webpage.
  3. Ping (or browser) DNS lookup takes 5-10 seconds yet nslookup results are instant
    Description: Connected to the internet by a USB wifi dongle to broadband router. There are 5-10 second delays before web page loads in browser (chrome and IE). Slight delay, then bang page displays very quicky. Connection monitor indicates 1.6 Mbytes/s, pretty quick for ADSL.
  4. Ping, nslookup for the hostname machine return different results on a multihomed computer
  5. DNS Broke - nslookup Successful But Ping Fails
    Description: The computer get's the correct IP address for any domain name using nslookup but trying to ping or browse to any domain name instantly fails.

Common Cause of Nslookup.exe errors

Nslookup.exe errors take place because of damaged windows files or broken system structures. Missing or corrupt files can cause a very unstable operating system. This problem generally occurs in poorly managed computers.

As this is a process that is included with most Windows installations, it is possible for virus writers and spyware vendors to disguise their malware as the genuine one.

Nslookup.exe file may be infected and corrupted by a virus, adware, Trojan, or worm. Check your PC with an advanced antivirus program to ensure it is not infected.

Most Windows executables, including Nslookup.exe, can sometimes consume lot of computer resources. You should be aware of those. The reason is that it can indicate some deeper troubles.

To fix Nslookup.exe errors

First of all, for a Nslookup.exe not found or Nslookup.exe missing error, you have to search a copy of Nslookup.exe in the windows\system32\dllcache folder in your computer to see whether you can locate the Nslookup.exe file or not. If you fail, it is not advised that you copy one from another computer or download one from a safe website. To avoid any risk, please use DLL TOOL to download a new file and extract it to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo. In this way, sometimes you can fix the Nslookup.exe errors easily.

As we know, adware and Trojan can cause the pc crash by modifying or destroying the registry so that the pc won't execute normally. After the virus is uninstalled, if the affected registry is not repaired in time, Nslookup.exe issue will remain. That's why you must fix the registry, and many Trojan and the virus leave many useless data in your pc, so this will cause a large number of strange problems and also affect your pc performance.

But don't randomly remove the registered keys of any file manually from your registry database attempting to fix this error as it is a very risky operation.

At this time, what you need is a professional registry cleaner like DLL TOOL that can quickly scan, safely diagnose and fix the Nslookup.exe error as well as clean up your registry at the same time.

Registry cleaner DLL TOOL IS designed to thoroughly scan the entire computer with advanced algorithm technology to detect and fix all invalid, corrupt or broken Nslookup.exe related registry entries. More often than not, associated dll files become faulty together with a problematic Nslookup.exe; their registry entries are supposed to be fixed together with those for Nslookup.exe.

This advanced dll error fixer and registry cleaner is able to fix Nslookup.exe errors as well as download a Nslookup.exe or other dll files for free.

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