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DLL ToolDLL Tool is a free PC optimizer for you to fix a problem of why is my pc running so slow , and you'll know how to repair registry related DLL error in a very easy and professional way.

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It happens to the most of us that you may ask yourself why my pc is so slow. Over time your Windows-based PC just seems to be taking far longer than usual to open applications and save files on your hard drive. Among so many reasons you may think of for a slow pc, the bloated windows registry is the root cause to be dealt with.

After going over the following specific causes for why my pc is slow, you'll come to understand the importance of Windows registry.

System Start-up packed with too many applications (Start-up overload)

Over time, as you add more and more programs to your computer, many of these applications automatically add themselves to your Windows Start-up folder. Additionally, these applications can add themselves quietly to the registry entries of your Windows Start-up system (accessed via the MSCONFIG run command). In extreme cases your PC will appear completely frozen.

Spyware and Virus

Malicious programs that stealthily embed themselves into your Windows Registry and core file system are the second common cause of a slow PC or poor PC performance.

Closely related to Spyware, viruses can wreak havoc on your system's performance and severely limit your PC's ability to do what you ask it to. Typically, viruses get onto your computer via infected email or instant messages; although they can also be installed via applications or files that you download from file-sharing networks and other non-trusted web sites.

Remnants of uninstalled programs

Uninstalling an application either via the control panel or the application's start menu folder has been known to leave behind remnants of the uninstalled program. These remnants can slow down your computer while Windows tries to figure out what to do with them. Additionally, residue of old program stays behind in your system registry, clogging up your PC's core.

Why Is Corrupted/Bloated Windows Registry Related To Slow PC

When you say my pc is slow, please think of Windows registry for the culprit. The Windows Registry is the master control center for your operating system and applications it runs. The Windows registry stores information about a computer's configuration like a database repository. Installing and uninstalling software will make your registry a mess, leading to decreased PC performance and causing computer crashes.

The registry size keeps growing when you use Windows. When the registry becomes very large, your computer's performance will be decayed and unstable. Some computer users even spend a lot of time trying to go through the registry and edit it manually. Not only can this be a daunting task, it is also a risky one.

When you are surfing internet, some malicious plug-ins may automatically install in the system through security loopholes in the system. These malicious plug-ins may change your system registry entries so as to cause different kind of errors or problems in your PC.

After long-term use of computer, the downloading of a large number of music, videos and movies from the Internet may result in the slowdown of your PC. It just like your room will become a mess without cleaning; our computer will be filled with a mass of junk files or duplicate files after a long operation too. These useless files take away the precious space of your Disk as the junks accumulate, which can only be cleansed with a faster pc software.

The incorrect and incomplete un-installation or deletion of some files or applications may feed your system registry with invalid registry information. You might have uninstalled certain application not through Add or Remove Programs on Control Panel, or certain object or file has been moved inappropriately. Finally, this unknown or misplaced information will be more and more accumulative, and begin to stick your registry, so as to slow down the speed of your computer and result in error message and system crash. You may also realize that the startup process of your computer is much slower than before.

Now, are you still asking why my pc is very slow?

How To Fix A Slow PC

Corruption or overloaded registry issues can cause all sorts of pc performance problems, including poor application startup times, slow Windows start-up, extremely slow shut down, inability to resume from computer sleep and more.

According to serious test of our expert team, free pc optimizer DLL Tool can fix slow computer problems caused by whatever reason, much powerful than other similar registry repair software. Because DLL Tool uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry.

With no more than three mouse clicks, disk cleaner will entirely scan your Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to do registry cleaning by listed items with selection or automatically repair them all at once.

To Regularly Run DLL Tool For Optimized Performance

To avoid asking why is pc running slow, it's highly recommended that you download the best free registry defragmenter to defragment and clean your corrupt registry. Anyone can do it like a computer guru in a few of mouse clicks! Then you'll no longer be annoyed by my pc is running slow.

Cleaning, compacting, and optimizing your Windows registry can go a long way to dramatically speeding up your computer's performance, start-up and shutdown. Besides, DLL Tool also enables you to download the DLL file for free, including win32k.sys download. Thus, you are able to repair DLL problems with regard to registry malfunctions, restoring your PC completely!

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