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DLL ToolAs one of the best Windows DLL error repair software, DLL Tool is to fix any DLL error such as .dll missing, .exe virus infection and .sys blue screen of death, and is a freeware which allows for free download of any missing DLL file and free registry optimization!

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Overview of DLL

As we know, computers are very useful for our daily life and work, but they are also very complex and have their share of problems. DLL file issues are one of the most common things that you may encounter in the daily operation of your pc. By our experience, DLL errors can be very frustrating, but repairing DLL error is not very difficult or time consuming provided you know how to repair it.

And if you are not computer professional, a free DLL repair software program like DLL Tool will be your best choice!

Introduction of DLL files

From technical perspective, DLL or Dynamic-Link Library is basically the introduction of the shared library for Windows Based Operating Systems. DLL files are made up of the code, data, and resources of the respective application handling it. With the introduction of DLL files, resources for the execution of an application can now be shared across multiple shared libraries, speeding up the execution and operation phase in the process.

In laymen's terms, DLL files are basically virtual libraries which contain catalogues of data sourced by multiple applications. This makes DLL files multifaceted as at any one time, more than one application may depend upon the same file for its basic functionality.

DLL files are so important for your Windows operating system that they are subject to any attack by Trojan or scareware. A DLL file is a favorite target for virus or malware, which alters its codes and registered keys, resulting in a system error, such as .dll missing, .exe virus infection, a blue screen of death (BSOD), or an error code. Remove, uninstall or delete a DLL file and all the applications that depend upon it will cease to work.

Symptoms of DLL errors

The common error message of DLL error will often read:

  1. IExplorer caused an invalid page fault in module urlmon.dll.
  2. This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
  3. Clipart cannot complete the operation. Interface not registered. Error code 0×80040155.
  4. The msiexex file is linked to missing export msi.dll:222

When DLL error messages arise, it can be .dll missing, .exe virus infection or blue screen of death (BSOD), so on and so forth. It is noted that DLL files are so mysterious that even a veteran of computer may be puzzled by the error in them, which need to be detected by a DLL error repair tool. To determine the exact reason is professional and can be done by a Windows DLL repair tool.

For laymen to deal with one of them, best DLL repair software DLL Tool will be suitable and ready for help!

Causes of DLL issues

DLL errors happen whenever a DLL file is not able to run or start a particular function or open some more applications. There are various reasons regarding why this error occurs, only a DLL file fixer is able to exactly locate the reasons behind. Sometimes DLL errors come up for various different reasons like a virus or spyware infecting your computer and making the files corrupt.

One of the biggest causes of DLLs becoming corrupt in the operating system of anyone's PC is the practice of constantly installing and uninstalling programs. This often means that DLLs will get overwritten by newer versions when a new program is installed, for example. This causes problems for those applications and programs that still need the old version to operate properly. Thus, the program begins to malfunction.

Then, when the new program that was just installed is removed again, it leaves behind a corrupt, malfunctioning DLL which means, in turn, that the programs that rely on it malfunction too. Similarly, sometimes different DLLs will come into conflict with one another, as they both try to perform a task they both believe is theirs to do.

In this case, one of the two DLLs in question will almost certainly be damaged by the actions of the other, and become corrupt. DLLs are programmed to perform their duties for several applications and if one of those applications becomes damaged for whatever reason, this can have a knock-on effect on the underlying DLLs too.

Solution for DLL problems

There are usually four methods by which you can repair DLL error.

The first method is to generally reinstall the particular application; this will probably replace any missing components. Also it will correct all the error entries of the Windows Registry.

The second method is to reinstall the program again if you feel that the error has begun after installing or uninstalling a particular program. You can also use System Restore to know the exact date on which the problem occurred.

The third way is to download a similar copy of the DLL file from the net as some of the common DLL files are available for downloading. If you have successfully searched the file you need, you run it, read the terms and conditions and agree to them, and then keep clicking on Next. It will be automatically installed into its normal location. For a secure and reliable download source, you may choose freeware DLL repair tool DLL Tool, which is connected to a actively updated database on a well-protected server.

Lastly, use the DLL repair tool for free repair of any registry problem. Most DLL errors are typically the result of registry related issues. The good thing is that, although it can be fairly difficult for you to pinpoint the exact problem with your computer when attempting to fix it manually, these registry-related issues can very easily be repaired when using the right DLL repair software. And this free DLL repair tool also features in free repair of registry.

Please take this DLL program to make you hassle-free while solving DLL problems.

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