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Reviews of 10 so-called free registry cleaners

July 23, 2013

When you are searching free registry cleaner on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, you will see a lot of web pages promoting registry cleaning software programs. Today we pick up 10 reg clean products and tell you how their publishers work to trick the users into purchasing.

  1. Piriform Ccleaner
  2. Wise Registry Cleaner
  3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner
  4. Glary Registry Repair
  5. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
  6. Little Registry Cleaner
  7. AML Free Registry Cleaner
  8. AVG PC Tuneup 2013
  9. Paretologic RegCure Pro
  10. PC Tools Registry Mechanic

Why these products index top positions in search results?

These software programs have higher positions due to following 2 reasons:

Advertisements provided by these search engines allow software publishers to advertise their products. If you bid with higher price, your products can be indexed higher. You can find that at the top, the bottom and the left side of the search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows website owners to optimize their web site keywords, and then index top positions. For example, we have free pc optimizer keywords on our homepage; we have a link of this keywords from another website to our www.dlltool.com. The more links we have, the higher position we will get.

From these aspects, we can see that these registry cleaners may not be free.

The next part is to introduce how the software publishers design their programs.

The Free is NOT FREE.

If you have downloaded, installed and run the mentioned products, you may find something same and different.

The Same:

  1. All claim free download
  2. Focuses on registry cleanup and optimization
  3. Detects millions of system errors
  4. Cleans from 1 to 10 errors only
  5. Requires to register their full version to clean registry errors

The Different:

  1. Software designs
  2. Pricing
  3. Refund policy
  4. Publisher websites
  5. Features in trial versions

If you pay more attention to them, you will find:

  1. All of them claim free on the search results and their websites.
  2. They will automatically start to scan your computer after you run any one of them.
  3. As usual, over 5,000 registry errors will be detected after registry scan.
  4. Usually 1 error will be fixed for free after clicking repair button.
  5. Message pops up and asks you to register their full version to fix the rest errors.
  6. You will see their purchase pages if you choose to continue.
  7. You would see awards from Softpedia, Intel and Microsoft on the purchase pages.
  8. If you choose to register, you would find 2 websites (www.clickbank.com and www.regnow.com) that will process your registration.
  9. All of them ask you to type your financial information (Credit Card and Paypal) to finish the registration.
  10. It is hard for you to request a full refund when you noticed you were scammed some day.

Based on the above analysis, you can see that these registry cleaning software programs are scareware. They display pre-set errors and then do their best to trick users into purchasing.

Note: The free means the product download is free, but if you want to use it fix and repair registry problems, then it is not free.

Free Registry Cleaner

Our recommended freeware registry cleaner is DLL Tool.

The first purpose of the product is to help fix DLL file missing errors and provide free DLL files download services. And later we found a lot of users want to have a Windows registry cleanup program installed along with our DLL Tool, we combine the features in registry cleaners into our product and our users can use these tools for free.

Our product is new and may have not been ranked as the best registry cleaner on some websites that offer PC optimizer reviews. But it doesn't matter, at present; it is a free PC tool that delivers comprehensive DLL error solutions and system optimization.

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