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DLL ToolWithin a few minutes and several mouse clicks, you can easily enjoy maximum optimization of your Windows PC with DLL Tool, which completely scans your registry and fix the registry problems to your satisfactory.

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Most of Windows users have experienced slow performance of PC. It is often related to Windows registry malfunction. Run a free Windows registry cleaner regularly and fix registry errors, your PC should not only perform stably but also run faster. A registry cleaner like DLL Tool is able to automatically back up any repairs made so that you always can restore Windows registry to the original state.


The Windows Registry is a database which controls how your system appears and how it behaves, like system configuration settings, user profiles, programs installation/uninstalling, documents creation, hardware/software operations and PC ports activation. Whenever you install programs, its keys and values are embedded in the registry, where you can configure them or perform troubleshooting steps to repair damaged programs.

Windows Registry includes information for low-level operating system components. During operation, the registry is constantly referred and the referred entries will be invalid when operation is ended. The registry is the center of any Windows system and plays a critical role in Windows. If the registry is not properly maintained, it can suffer errors that cause system and application problems.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a common type of registry error. When the settings are improperly configured on the registry, the computer crashes and display this frequent blue screen issue as a result of registry malfunctions. DLL errors are other common types of registry problem that occur when an application is missing a DLL file that helps run the executable files of that application. Next common registry issue is registry start-up fault, which usually occurs when a start-up item is missing or improperly configured.


Registry faults cause the overall system to slow down. The registry is the configuration center for programs and system components, any problem in it will cause slow startup and shutdowns of your pc. Registry errors cause applications to slow down, freeze and eventually crash. They likely reconfigure boot options and prevent your PC from booting up. Registry problems are also known to cause network difficulties, especially if there are malware entries that create network intrusions.

To sum up, the common symptoms of registry errors are as follows:

  1. Computer running slow, such as slow startup;
  2. System crashes, such as BSOD;
  3. Slow applications and pop-up errors, such as too long to wait for a game to run, or DLL is missing.


The registry stores all the settings for every single bit of your hardware, software, and user profiles. No matter what happens on your computer, you can be sure that it gets recorded in the registry. Because of this, windows registry entries can be easily corrupted, thus resulting in registry errors.

Firstly, registry errors can be caused by improperly uninstalled applications that leave registry entries to cause start-up problems.

And viruses, Trojans and spyware are well-known for the cause of registry errors because they install registry entries that are very difficult to remove manually. These viruses change code keys of file associations and prevent you from opening executable files.

Also, registry errors are caused by a vast number of unnecessary files on your computer system that use system resources with no added benefit.


Never download programs, games or applications from malicious websites. Most of the downloads are bundled together with Trojan viruses that install entries in the registry.

If you are not a professional, never try to manually fix registry because you are likely to seriously damage your computers functioning.

Always back up the registry so you have a restore point you can come back to in case of system errors.

Properly uninstall programs and applications you do not use. While most programs can be uninstalled from the "Add or Remove Programs" window on the Control Panel, others must be uninstalled using a removal tool supplied by your software's manufacturer.

Run frequent virus scans, and delete malicious files that install on the registry and cause programs to crash. Fix registry errors with free registry cleaner such as DLL Tool. to remove unnecessary registry entries and repair ActiveX and missing file extensions.

DLL Tool will scan, clean and repair registry by finding: Invalid paths, file associations, fonts, help paths, file types, application paths, startup programs, shared programs and custom controls; Obsolete software entries and start menu order; Dead file extensions; Adware and Spyware that use registry; And all other dead entries throughout the registry.

DLL Tool is the best registry cleaner to fix registry problems. It works with all Windows Operating Systems and scans Windows Registry quickly with comprehensive analysis. This registry error fix tool only needs a few easy steps to fix invalid Windows Registry entries, correct DLL errors and clean up junk files. For your reference, it provides a list of the errors found. You can then choose to selectively do registry fix or automatically repair them all.

DLL Tool provides restore point and backup for registry cleanup and registry repair. It is one of the safest registry cleaning tools available in the market today. Its scanning engine is fast, thorough and safe. Whenever you clean the Registry, a corresponding Undo file is generated for any changes made which can be used to recreate the entries deleted. You can restore any changes by clicking 'Restore previous repairs'. For additional security, DLL Tool offers a Privacy feature which is used for cleansing internet browsing history and your third-party software trace.

For your convenience and for insuring maximum protection, DLL Tool automatically backup any repairs made. So you always can restore Windows registry to the original state using restore button.

DLL Tool is one of the best free registry cleaners to scan windows registry, clean up registry junks, and repair registry errors. By using DLL Tool regularly and repairing your registry your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows run faster. This PC cleaner makes sure that Windows Registry is perfect and error free, so as to support your computer running smoothly at peak performance!

8.13 MB - Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, 32- & 64-bit

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