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Help download missing DLL files for free

  1. Do you think your DLL file is missing from your computer?
  2. Don't know where to download your missing DLL files?

If yes, then you are in the right place, here we will show you how to download your missing DLLs for free.

Method 1: Retrieve the DLL from your system setup CD

  1. Insert your setup disk to CD/DVD device
  2. Locate to the file directory and download the file to your computer

Method 2: Get the file from another PC running the same OS with yours

NOTE: Please make sure the operating system in another PC should be the same with your computer, otherwise more errors will occur.

Method 3: Use DLL error repair tool - DLL SUITE

  1. Download DLL SUITE from www.dllsuite.com, install and run the program
  2. Search the DLL files you need by using its DLL download free feature
  3. Download your needed DLL for free

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above 3 methods work for the system DLL files (C:\Windows\System32\).

If the missing DLL files are introduced by third-party software, you may need to download the latest version and reinstall to gain the missing DLL files.

You can visit the programs' website to download the latest edition of the third-party software applications.

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