DLL Tool

Help fix all DLL errors

  1. .dll modules is missing or was not found on your PC?
  2. .exe applications keep taking high CPU and Memory usage?
  3. .sys drivers is causing blue screen of death?

The above is the most common symptoms of DLL errors.

To fix all errors on you DLL files, you can take these 3 easy steps:

  1. Download DLL TOOL, install and run the program
  2. Run a full scan on your DLL files to check DLL errors
  3. Fix the detected errors when the scan is complete

NOTE: The above method only works for the errors on the DLL files under C:\Windows\System32\ folder. In short, this method works for the system DLL files.

If the DLL errors are caused by the third-parth software programs, you can try to install and re-install the program to fix DLL errors.

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