DLL Tool

Help solve high CPU and Memory usage

You may have noticed that some .exe processes are eating CPU and Memory resources in your Task Manager.

The main cause of high CPU and high Memory errors is the .exe applications have been infected by virus and Trojan.

To fix, please take following 2 steps:

1. Run the latest antivirus

Anti-virus removes and deletes the infections from the .exe applications.

NOTE: Some anti-virus and anti-spyware will remove the .exe applications when they are removing the threats. So after virus and Trojan deletion, please restore all .exe applications.

2. Restore .exe appliations

To restore, please use the 1-click DLL error repair feature in DLL TOOL.

NOTE: DLL TOOL only restores the .exe applications under the C:\Windows\System32\ folders, it means only system DLL can be restored by using DLL TOOL.

If the .exe applications belong to third-party software, you need to reinstall the program to restore the applicaiton.

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