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DLL ToolDLL Tool is a Microsoft PRO optimizer with good reviews from its frequent users, and provides perfect speed for your PC by free download without license key; and it's so active that you never want to uninstall it!

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We hear tales of contaminated Windows registry files and of a direct association to operating system crashes. Software vendors and computer repair centers post email about PC optimisers that are designed to keep the Windows registry clean and uncluttered. They allege that the efficiency of a Windows driven computer system is dependent upon this single Microsoft PC optimizer. They talk about PC optimiser PRO reviews. These PC optimiser reviews tell you how important to have an active PC optimiser for poor system performance, major data loss, and even a complete system failure. At the Microsoft support site, a query for the phrase "perfect speed PC optimiser review" returns 52,000 results. A contaminated Windows registry file is serious business.

That's why PC optimiser PRO DLL Tool is invented!


Stored inside the windows registry is data about any and all the software that is installed or has been installed on the system. It also stores information on hardware, user information, and system resources such as network configurations, fonts and more. For example, when a program is installed in Windows a new sub key containing settings such as where the program is located, the version, what settings are enabled and disabled, how to start the program, etc. are added into the Windows Registry.

Since the data is stored in one area the possibility of anything going wrong is greatly increased as more and more changes to software and hardware are made. These registry errors accumulate and eventually cause computers to hang, freeze, crash or boot slowly if the registry is not cleaned on a regular basis.


There are several symptoms that identify your computer as having a corrupted registry. Many of these signs may be first identified during the startup of Windows. Do you ever notice any error notifications when Windows is attempting to load an application or system driver? In most common situations, registry corruption can be solved by scanning your registry to detect and repair specific registry issues.

Over time, regardless of how your computer is used, the registry can become corrupted. Many times Windows will let you know when corruption has occurred. The Windows registry is a complicated structure that often times renders an error message. This is Windows way of telling you that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Registry corruption errors are sometimes identified by a simple alert notification. Other times a registry corruption issue is the result of a setting within Windows being changed or degraded system performance.

Below are symptoms that identify a corrupted registry.

  1. You notice settings in Windows have suddenly changed without your interaction.
  2. Receive error notifications after startup related to the Windows system folder missing a file or having a corrupt file.
  3. Receive error notifications related to a "Registry File Failure".
  4. Receive system error messages with an executable file name listed, ie: "System error: Mctadmin.exe"
  5. Receive an "access denied" notification when attempting to access a file or folder that is normally accessible.

When your PC breaks down, it can cause tremendous stress both financially and psychologically. Don't let it get to that stage. Help reduce the risk of system failure by keeping your PC optimized by means of DLL Tool to perform simple maintenance tasks regularly.


The Windows registry is susceptible to being corrupted and causing your PC to either perform poorly or run slowly. A corrupted Windows registry can be the root cause for overall slow PC performance. It is of utmost importance to repair a corrupted Windows registries correctly to ensure a system's stability, speed, and to restore overall performance.

The Windows registry may become corrupted by poorly configured applications, a bad installation, computer viruses or invalid registry entries. Once corrupted, the registry may cause your machine to be unstable or unusable. When repairing a corrupted Windows registry, either manually or with the assistance of a registry repair application, it is essential that you perform a backup in the likely event that additional damages occur.

Repairing your corrupted Windows registry is a scary task. Despite the Windows registry being a vast hierarchical database storing sets of functions for all software installed on your system, you can conduct repairs to restore your PC to an optimized state, but first you need to identify the corruption on your registry to better understand what kind of registry repairs are needed; therefore, we recommend you download PC optimiser PRO DLL Tool for free to fix your corrupt registry and optimize the performance of your computer.

The Solution

Here is a few practical tips for optimizing your computer's performance by using a windows PC optimiser you can download for free. None of the optimization tips and tricks in this guide cost anything, so feel free to run them as often as you'd like to ensure that your computer runs lean and mean for as long as possible.

Of course the first step in optimizing your PC's performance is to figure out what errors are there. Thankfully, DLL Tool comes with a feature of 1-click repair to auto check the current health status of your PC. Download it now without the PC optimiser PRO license key. Try it and you may uninstall PC optimiser PRO any time if you want to!

The second step is to choose Performance menu and click its Optimize Windows button. Also you can use Clean Your Registry to further optimize your PC. Then the Compact Your Registry and Boost Your Windows Startup. DLL Tool even has the function of DLL download for free, and is suitable for Windows 7, 8, Windows Vista, and even Windows XP. With it, you can enjoy a faster and stable PC from now on!

Download DLL Tool now and give your Windows a PC optimization software program for free.

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