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  1. Do you receive strange messages about errors and want to stop this from happening again?
  2. Is your computer moving too slowly?
  3. Too many DLL file errors are affecting you too?

Then you should know you can resolve almost any problem of your computer by a single click from free registry optimizer DLL Tool.

And by using the free scan of DLL Tool on your computer you can find out what errors your computer has, where they are and what issues are they causing to your PC.

Windows registry introduction

In the Microsoft Windows operating systems beginning with Windows 95, the registry is a single place for keeping such information as what hardware is attached, what system options have been selected, how computer memory is set up, and what application programs are to be present when the operating system is started. The registry is somewhat similar to and a replacement for the simpler INI (initialization) and configuration files used in earlier Windows (DOS-based) systems. INI files are still supported, however, for compatibility with the 16-bit applications written for earlier systems.

In general, the user updates the registry indirectly using Control Panel tools, such as TweakUI. When you install or uninstall application programs, they also update the registry. In a network environment, registry information can be kept on a server so that system policies for individuals and workgroups can be managed centrally.

Due to the critical role it plays in how Windows operates, errors in the registry have a significantly detrimental effect on performance. When the registry becomes corrupted or disorganized, you can experience slow boot times, sluggish responses from programs, unusual error messages, and frequent lock‐ups or crashes.

Registry error symptoms

Below are just a few of the typical signs that should tell a faulty registry.

  1. Random PC Stalling: Out of the blue, your computer seems to just freeze-up, making it virtually impossible to bring up any installed applications. Seconds later, the freeze ends and everything return to normal.
  2. Sluggish Behavior: Installed applications take increasingly longer to get started. Also, programs that have already been started tend to need more time in order to finish loading -- I.E. what was once 3-10 seconds is now 30-50 seconds.
  3. Constant Windows Crashes: When playing a game, altering a file, or just surfing the web, the system crashes unexpectedly -- usually indicated by a blue screen.
  4. Application Launch Failure: Frequently used applications begin not opening whatsoever, resulting in you having to reboot the system in order to open up application or program.
  5. Adding/Removing Failure: Unable to add and/or remove programs and applications without some sort of PC error occurring. More severe cases involve the computer crashing as soon as a remove and/or add command is issued.

If these symptoms have been plaguing your computer, it is more than likely that you have a faulty registry. The typical situation is that the registry is full of broken and/or obsolete entries, which makes it very difficult for the computer to access and organize things effectively. This lack of registry organization results in the unusual computer activity mentioned above, not to mention the PC's increased sluggishness.

Causes of registry issues

The registry is a very large database for all programs installed on your computer, including Windows itself, keep their settings. The programs write, read and delete entries in the registry all the time. Because of this the registry gets fragmented. The different pieces of data in the registry aren't stored in the normal order, and this can slow down your computer a lot.

If you read a book where all the pages have been shuffled, instead of the normal order of pages (pages 1, 2, 3...), you'll get a totally unnatural order (page 21, page 15, page 10, page 3...). Can you still read the book? Yes! You can search for page 1, read it, and then go through all the pages of the book and search for page 2, read it, and so on. Think about how slow this can be, compared to reading a book in which the pages are in normal order.

The same thing happens with the registry - because of the constant reading, writing and deleting of items, after a month or two, the registry items get to be in an unnatural order, which is very slow to read. And because the programs need data from the registry, this slows them down.

The free registry cleaner optimizer DLL Tool defragments your registry and optimizes it for faster access. It can be used without advanced registry optimizer 2010 keygen.

Solution for registry problems

After you have known what are registry errors, you may want to find a way to fix registry errors. Then next question should be what is a best registry optimizer? Luckily for you though, there is an easy way to combat these symptoms and get your computer back to its original, error-free condition. The answer is a registry cleaner which allows you to scan and clean your registry regularly for free, so that registry errors can be fixed in time.

I recommend one of advanced registry optimizer serial DLL Tool for those who are annoyed with registry errors. This tool is different from aro registry optimizer and can perform a quick scan of your computer and then find out and clear all the registry errors in less than two minutes. It's basically a simple scan that tells you what's wrong with the registry and how to fix it. All you have to do is run the computer repair software and then follow it's on-screen instructions to correct the errors -- Bingo! No more faulty registry.

There are many sites out there that claim to have this kind of software at a bargain of a price, with each site claiming to have the product that will instantly cure your problems. However, you need to do your research and find a site that provides you with registry optimizer reviews to back up these claims.

Download DLL Tool today and start to compact registry, repair DLL problems, optimize your Windows and download DLL free.

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