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DLL ToolWith the application DLL Tool, you have no chance to ask how to make my PC run faster for free, it is your ideal software to get one of the best ways to correct DLL errors and repair registry problems at the same time!

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Imagine that you buy a new computer; you set it up and start to use it at a blazing speed. Over years it turns out to be a PC that takes ages to start up, or a computer that hangs in limbo when you try to shut it down. You're left wondering How to make my PC go faster?

You may have kept a good habit of doing regular maintenance since you got your computer, such as uninstalling apps that you're not using, especially Java script, which are a major resource hog and often a big security risk. But you have a slow PC as well.

If you are very careful for maintaining your computer but it is still running slow, some of your DLL files are probably kidnapped by Trojan or malware, which has changed the registry keys of the file for auto running whenever you are operating your machine.

DLL Files and Virus Infection

Viruses, such as Spyware, malware, Trojan and worms are popular. Even with anti-virus software installed it is possible that you could have contracted an infection on your system. When this occurs you will most typically be informed that the DLL has become corrupt and cannot be used properly. However, some infections may attempt to alter the contents of a DLL so that it can still be executed. This may be done so that it executes a very different function, or so that your system hands or freezes because it is attempting to complete a never ending function.

DLL Files and Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is one of the most important facets of the Windows operating system. It includes all details, settings, and information regarding your system, the users on that system, and the software installed. New entries are added to coincide with the addition of a new application or even a new file. The registry should also update when an application is removed by similarly removing the entries associated with that application, unless they are still required by another program.

Every DLL and application on your computer requires at least one registry entry in order to store pertinent details about it. When a new DLL is installed, a new entry should be added. When an old DLL is removed, Windows should first check to see whether it is required by any other applications and then remove or update the entry as appropriate. If a DLL is updated or changed in any way, then, again, the associated registry entry should also be changed to represent the differences.

Unfortunately, the registry of your computer can become filled with obsolete, incorrect, or corrupt entries. Similarly, many entries are inadvertently deleted causing an equal number of problems. Because DLLs are referenced and called by many applications, and because each DLL usually consists of a reasonable number of different functions it is imperative that registry entries are kept for each of the DLLs on your system and that they are updated accordingly to match the latest system information you have.

As we already mentioned, the registry is prone to problems. If you regularly install or remove software, make changes to your system settings, or generally use your computer then you are unfortunately leaving your system prone to errors. Cleaning the registry is absolutely essential if you wish to use your applications and the DLLs that are installed properly. This should be one of the first things you try when attempting to recover from a DLL error and the procedure is discussed later in this guide.

How to Get PC Faster

There are several ways to make your PC faster; you may check them out in the following.

Use Common Sense
If you have ten programs open, you're going to be sucking a lot of resources from your CPU, causing it to run slowly. If you're not using a program - close it. The same goes for having many windows open in your web browser, or having many photos open at once in a program like Photoshop.

Spyware and Malware
One of the best things you can do is to guard against malware, which comes in so many constantly evolving variations that it's all but impossible to keep up.

Viruses, scareware, Trojans, bots, rootkits, worms, spyware, adware - it's all bad junk, and professionals call it malware (malicious software). Malware can slow a computer down. For a home user, the course of transmission is through the Internet.

As above explained, the infection corrupt the DLL file as well as the related registry keys. Not only do you want to get rid of the malware, but you also want to make your PC run faster for free. So to get a faster PC, you need:

To Regularly Scan Registry

To fix registry problems you have to get a clean registry download. These free disk cleaners are extremely easy to use and take very little time to do registry scan and repair the errors. You can even schedule the scanning process that scans the registry and fixes the registry errors without you doing that manually every time.

The disk cleaner software scans the entire registry file, deletes the outdated entries, removes the fragmented entries, and traces of the incomplete uninstalling. The faster PC software also removes the embedded keys created by the malware in the registry file.

DLL Tool is designed to make the PC faster software integrated with the registry repair and cleaning. It can provides you with the above functions of a registry error repair tool while enable you to free download DLL file, such as netio.sys download, presenting you the opportunity to resolve DLL file and registry issues free for faster PC.

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