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How to fix your internet speed testing issues

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Everytime trying to check the internet speed using the speed test tool the system failed to show the internet speed in the computer. Speed testing of internet is essential to know how fast download and upload of data in the computer is taking place. If the internet speed in your computer is not up to the mark which is required than different kinds of problems might crop-up. Below here some important issues are illustrated.

Here are Some Important Issues:

Whenever attempting to use the Speed test metro apps in the computer for speed testing of internet the screen came up with error message saying the service is unavailable, whenever trying to download anything on the computer the download speed is showing very slow than the upload speed, everytime after downloading and installing the speed test tool from different places and then trying to run speed testing application on the computer the system came up with different speed of internet.

Everytime trying to check the broadband speed the broadband icon in the task bar is not displaying, whenever attempting to upload images on Windows 8 machine the images failed to upload showing low internet speed, after upgrading from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro and then trying to start Internet Explorer 11 in order to open some web pages the explorer often fails to open web pages.

While trying to access network programs on the computer the network speed is showing very slow, everytime trying to login the speed of login is showing very slow and every minute the PC is asking for speed testing of internet connection, trying to stream videos in Windows 8 machine always the process is showing very slow performance.

How to fix these issues?

To check the internet speed in your computer download and install DLL Tool from www.dlltool.com the best speed testing tool. The software is affordable and can easily troubleshoot issues related to speed testing.