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How to repair issues associated with javascript update

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Whenever attempting to run updates for the Windows library for Java the system all of a sudden came up with update javascript error message pop-ups on the screen. There are different kinds of problems a user often comes across while either installing updates for java or while running java applications after Windows upgrade. Some common problems are discussed in this article along with the solution to get update javascript problems fixed.

Some Common problems are:

Trying to run the Windows validation program on the computer screen is always showing javascript error message pop-ups stating the optimal update delivery is not working, whenever attempting to enable javascript in IE8 the program fails to continue showing update javascript issue, after upgrading the Windows version from Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit to Windows 8 Pro with Internet Explorer 8 and then everytime trying to use Internet explorer to open some websites always showing failed with javascript problem.

While watching videos on Surface RT machine all of a sudden java software critical update pop-ups on the screen, trying to download javascript is always showing failed with update javascript problems, the java updates for oracle is always showing failed, whenever attempting to access mail or browser the Windows screen came up with javascript error pop-ups in Windows XP PC, after installing java updates and then trying to open the web pages is always showing java script runtime error.

After downloading automatic update for javascript few programs in Windows 7 machine got disabled, trying to open certain web pages after installing IE8 is always showing failed followed by update javascript message displays on a small dialog box, everytime attempting to load an html video into web browser ie8 always fails showing the system requires updates for javascript to run the latest version of macromedia.

How to fix these issues?

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