DLL Tool Free License

We are honored to announce a registration key program that allows you to get DLL Tool for free, along with a BONUS UP TO $100 USD.

Please take a look at the rules before you start:

  1. Share the required website addresses on your Facebook and Twitter, and contribute us 1 FB like.
  2. Give us one Google Plus.
  3. Bring us 5 sales of DLL Tool.
  4. Contact us and receive license code.
  5. Get a bonus $100 USD through Paypal.

STEP 1: Share www.dlltool.com to your Facebook and Twitter, and contribute us 1 FB like:

Please click the icons below to share and contribute.

STEP 2: Give us one Google Plus:

IMPORTANT NOTE: To share us to Google Plus (G+1 or g+), you need to have Gmail account first. If you don't have one, please open http://www.gmail.com to register one for free and then start sharing. After you have created your Google Plus page, then please click the icon below to give us one Google Plus.


STEP 3: Bring us 5 sales of DLL Tool.

You can introduce our product to your friends, family members, classmates, workmates and the people you know, and try to convince them to buy.

You can click the icon below to mail our product.


Also you can choose your own way to introduce our DLL Tool.

Link for product sale: http://www.dlltool.com/FS/

STEP 4: Contact us and recieve your DLL Tool free license key.

After you have done the mentioned ones above, please log onto your Gmail and mail us the following:

  1. Your Facebook page, such as https://www.facebook.com/john.smith
  2. Your Twitter page, such as https://twitter.com/john.smith
  3. Your Google Plus page, such as https://plus.google.com/123456/about
  4. The full name of those who buy our product after your introduction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will check the above 4, and once get confirmed, then we will send you 1 license key immediately.

Email: support@vsksoft.com

STEP 5: Get a bonus $100 USD

For the DLL Tool sales introduced by you, if none of them get refunded within 6 months, then you can get a bonus $100 USD through Paypal.

Hope you have a great day with DLL Tool.

DLL Tool Support Team

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