October 13, 2015

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  1. Parappurathu Mathews - After MSFT did a number of "automatic" downloads a while ago, these problems started and were set to "automatic" on the MSFT Console. I have confirmed Windows such as, C Cleaner, and related "services" are running, all get "hung up "at the same spot in the registry. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. alfred julius - I do not know if the repetition of WOW 632 over 10 times. I have noted that some of the registry repair utilities at one location in the registry is an issue or not. This registry location is shown. Nor am I sufficiently confident in my technical skills including to attempt a registry repair without guidance.
  3. Игорь Степанов - when running Windows Media Center "Critical Error: Failed to create DirectX device"I am running Vista Ultimate x64 and have an ASUS EAH3870X2. Now the issue is back before the issue started to occur again. I haven't installed anything new on this computerbut only for a day and now it is occurring again.
  4. gerry letiec - Restarting the computer appears and trying to run one of the OS installed games, i.e. Minesweeper, Solitaire, etc. When I first got this computer this issue occurred but went away with one of the automatic updates video card running dual monitors. I have uninstalled the Catalyst control center for the video card for some time.
  5. Dariany Diniz - ATi and in addition, downloaded the most recent interface and video drivers from ASUS the issue went away a day after installing the new drivers and DirectX 'fixes', although none of these things seemed to have any affect as well as tried running every fix for DirectX issues. I do not play any other games on this machine.
  6. Gerald Jeremiah - The OS games are all MS products and are installed at the same time. I have searched countless hours for a resolution. I can find on Microsoft's sites to this issue without any luck. There is seemingly no solution to this issueusing DirectX, the 3 programs that aren't working together.
  7. gonzalo sualina - It irritates me to no end that, Vista, Media Center, and t yet from the very provider of all 3 programs and do not know what other installed programs may be, but none of them are encountering troubles and returning error messages. I disconnected the drive, booted without it. Please help. Thanks!
  8. German Wauters - I'm running Win7 Home Premium. DVD Access Denied, Windows 7 Home Premium when trying to access the DVD drive. I used regedit and there is no key for Removable Storage Devices under policies. I've searched lots of forums but none of the answers work. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver. Any other ideas?
  9. Martin Klähn - I get an access denied error. I am running Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0.12 It works fine in safe mode. it works fine If I run cmd as administrator. The reconnected the drive and booted with it. I have noticed that the check box to "Enable folder redirection" is ignored.
  10. terry carr - Mac Remote Desktop ignoring "Enable folder redirection" checkbox bug. I edit a remote desktop then unchecked this box, when connecting to any remote desktop with this option unchecked folder redirection is always mappedfor Mac OSX 10.9.5. Is there a place I can submit a bug about this to MS? Nothing works.

What is dmime.dll?

Download DLL Tool to view dmime.dll module information.

Microsoft DirectMusic Interactive Engine

The file dmime.dll is used to support Microsoft DirectMusic Interactive Engine for atl.dll and iasrad.dll, and support device drivers in computer iBUYPOWER.

The module dmime.dll was published at 7/13/2009 5:03:07 PM, and is usually located in C:\Windows\System32\ . Once active, module will occupy 179712 KB of memory usage.

If the memory usage of dmime.dll showed in Task Manager is over 1131641 bytes, then there is a virus TrojanDownloader:VBS/Adodb.N on your machine. This file should be replaced immediately with a clean one.

Download and repair dmime.dll with DLL Tool

Note: TrojanDownloader:Win32/Bancos.DE is developed by the author of website and spreads through installing malware Magic Jack Uninstaller.

The module dmime.dll with version 6.1.7600.16385 is shared by Crysis Warhead, Opera Mini 6.5.26955 and Symantec NetBackup.

If the version number changes and dmime.dll is not restored ASAP, your computer would receive xapofx1_5dll missing / not found errors, blue screen msvcr90.dll.

dmime.dll vulnerability leads to a total of 1131641179712 hits by Trojan TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.CG since 7/13/2009 5:03:07 PM in Japan, Mayotte, Saint Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica, said Werner Gariepy, an traffic analysist from Gogoyoko.

How to fix dmime.dll errors?

To fix and repair dmime.dll problems, please download DLL Tool.

DLL TOOL is able to deal with any dmime.dll issues caused by wine virus fection or an exe bad image by an auto detection and troubleshooting of the abnormal registry entries for any windows operating system platforms.

Screenshot of DLL Tool:

Symptoms of dmime.dll error

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