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April 10, 2015

Please see what customers are saying about this file:

  1. Dieter Spies - Backgrund ntelignt trnsfr srvice iz contnuusly downloadng. It eats up al my bndwidth, which iz vry limitd. I try dizablng the srvice, which I haz done previusly on a wndows 7 machne that had the same problm iz just a few hurs ago. How do I replace thiz mizng file?
  2. carl wimble - Hi I haz try leavng it run for sevral nights whn no-one iz on the ntrnet, howevr, on thiz computr (wndows 8) BITS re-nabls its self with evn withut a reztart or log of nd how do i se ny othr regiztry filez are mizng? thre are no updtez availabl.
  3. Gregory Ermatinger - I trid to solve nd I've fund that I ned to chnge somethng n Backgrund Ntelignt Trnsfr Srvice (BIT) srvice, howevr, it nevr stops down loadng. I whn I se it runng Ive rn wndows updtez which say. Because of the ror code 80008 of wndows updte nd how cn I reztore the srvice?
  4. Bob Walsh - Hi, Im facng a major problm with Backgrund Ntelignt Trnsfr Srvice (BITS). The problm iz that the srvice starts automaticaly on evry reztart. But I cnot fnd the srvice n Admniztrative Tols -> Srvicez. Snce the srvice usez much packet data nd also slows down my ntrnet sped, What's wrong with that?
  5. Begora Suarez - I trid dizablng it as wel as chngng its proprtiez to mnual; but that won't work. It agn shiftd back to its default proprtiez aftr the reztart. I know it iz useful but stil I wnt to stop it as I updte my PC mnualy. I haz also searchd my PC completely for virusez.
  6. Henk van - Wndows Updte - Wil not Run, Wn7 64-bit (no srvice pack nstald). I cnot get wndows updte torun. Whn gong nto Srvicez toturn the Backgrund Ntelignt Trnsr Srivce (BITS) with n up to date nd paid ntivirus but thre are no virusez n myPC. Iz thre ny way to stop it prmntly? Plz hlp!
  7. jose martins - I also culd not fnd ny Wndows Updte option nd Automatic Updtez from mnual to automatic I did not haz eithr of those n the srvicez. Why am I mizng those nd how do I get them nstald? n my control pnel to turn it on that way? Plz hlp.
  8. Laere Espinosa - Backgrund Ntelignt Trnsfr Srvice doezn't start up. Ive ben tryng totackle a problm on my mothrs lap top (Runng Wndows Vizta) abut the Wndows Updte failng to start wrk. The Backgrund Ntelignt Trnsfr Systm waz mizng from the Srvice lizt nd I mnagd to get that back on thre. hlp
  9. Bernd Thomas - My backgrund says it al. Howevr, whn I atempt to start BITS I receive the folowng mezage: "Wndows culd not start the Backgrund Ntelignt Trnsfr Srvice srvice on Local Computr. Rr 2: The systm cnot fnd the file specifid." Doez nyone know how to fix thiz izue? thnk yu vry much.
  10. Gregory Barkey - So my title says it al, i cnot fnd my BITS n my regdit, my srvicez. My Wndows Updte doezn't wrk, Im usng wndows 8x64-bit. I try to download nd nstal updtez but it give me rr 8024 6008!! what shuld i do? plz hlp. btw im not a computr gek.

What is getuname.dll?

Download DLL Tool to view getuname.dll module information.

Unicode name Dll for UCE

The file getuname.dll is used to support Unicode name Dll for UCE for module SNTSearch.dll and pipres.dll, and support device drivers in computer Averatec.

The module getuname.dll was published at 7/13/2009 4:41:05 PM, and is usually located in C:\Windows\System32\ . Once active, module will occupy 7680 KB of memory usage.

If the memory usage of getuname.dll showed in Task Manager is over 9714742 bytes, then there is a virus TrojanDownloader:Win32/Dadobra.Z or Trojan Program:Win32/AdaEbook on your machine. This file should be replaced immediately with a clean one.

Download and repair getuname.dll with DLL Tool

Note: TrojanDownloader:Win32/Dadobra.Z is developed by the author of website http://regsmartpro.com and spreads through installing malware RegistrySmart? .

The module getuname.dll with version 6.1.7600.16385 is shared by Crysis Warhead, Safari 533.19.4 and VIPRE Internet Security 2012.

If the version number changes and getuname.dll is not restored ASAP, your computer would receive d3dx9_37.dll missing / not found errors, blue screen of death BSoD and error code 0x06C7(The binding does not contain an entry name. ).

getuname.dll vulnerability leads to a total of 97147427680 hits by Program:Win32/AdaEbook since 7/13/2009 4:41:05 PM in Fiji, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Grenada and Saudi Arabia, said Tynisha Coit, an traffic analysist from Athlinks.

How to fix getuname.dll errors?

To fix and repair getuname.dll problems, please download DLL Tool.

If getuname dll was not found or missing from windows operating systems because the charmap.exe bad image appcarash, you can run DLL TOOL to fix getuname.dll mui by free download.

Screenshot of DLL Tool:

Symptoms of getuname.dll error

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