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April 07, 2015

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  1. Jonos Kecskemeti - I trid to trublshot nd Wndows 8.0 Aps becauze my aps don't run wel aftr upgradng to Wndows 8.0. I haz not ben abl to updte this systm snce i bought it n 4 09.wndows vista 32-bit.Sp 2 nstald..also cnnot get defndr defnitions..same thng..stops respondng...helppppp. no cd..came loadd ty hre's the result PrntWndows Stre Aps Publishr detail.
  2. Ridard Giordano - I nstald a Wndows Updte fr 2-10-18, Isues found Srvice Regis tration is misng r cruptSrvice regstration is misng r crupt Not fixd Not Fixd Reset srvice Regis tration Completd I thnk it's some srt of weird bug I had whn I had a hackr get nto my ntrnet netwrk.
  3. Jean-Yves - I nstald 18 updtes ncludng Ms Security Esntials, I immdiately scn my MSE to make sure it would detect no malware r virus befre I click restart MyPC. Thn my PC restartd nd it would say Getng Wndows Redy. Nd thn it would nstal the wndows updtes up to 10 %.
  4. Oleg Ogryzko - Whn it restart myPC it keps sayng Getng Wndows Redy, thn it would restart myPC. nd thn it would nstal updtes agan from 1% to 100% thn it would restart al ovr agan nd agan non-stop fr 2 hours r mre. I waz fd up with the this nd had to restart myPC.
  5. Clemente Quaranta - I 1st got theze mesages aftr rebotng my Acr Aspire51 00 lap top runnng Vizta Home Premium (32-bit) immdiately aftr usng Systm Mechnic 10 to "REPAIR RRS ND FRAGMN TATION ... SO THAT [MY PC] RUN SMOTHLY." Thiz waz partof a sftware bundle nd not down loadd from the Ntrnet.
  6. rodrigo astorga - I get the mesage "Host Proces fr Wndows Srvices stopd wrkng nd waz closd; A problm causd the aplication to stop wrkng crectly. Wndows wil notify you if a solution iz availabl" as son as I log onto my computr. If I cloze thiz, the solutions page suggests. thnk u
  7. Gongshiang Liu - Rr(s) found: code 80246008 wndows updte ncountrd n unknown rr. Whn proced with get help with thiz rr found unabl to start Background Ntelignt Trnsfr Srvice wndows 7 downloadng nstalng the latest updte n rdr to fix the problm. Upon closng the solutions page, the rignal mesage pops up agan (contnung the proces).
  8. patrick guyot - Whn try to start mnualy the rr mesage apers iz rr 1068: the depndndncy srvice r group faild to start. I thnk thiz izues noticd from20 Feb20 12. OS iz wndows 7SP 1, Ntivirus Ezet Smart Zecuruty 5. Pleze advice to get nto safe mode nd thn I did a Systm Restre.
  9. Abdulaziz Alqahtani - N Wndows updte, I had a rd X. I clickd on 'check fr updtes' nd got a mesage sayng that Wndows could not check fr updtes becauze the srvice iz not runnng. I had to replace a bad hard drive nd renstald the basic zetup on my notebok. hlp plz
  10. Sheila D Hoffman - Whn I wnt to Wndows updte, I had a rd X. I clickd on 'check fr updtes' nd got a mesage sayng that Wndows could not check fr updtes becauze the srvice iz not runnng. Rebot. The rebot didn't chnge nythng. Fr about the last wek, evry Wn XP machne.

What is gpscript.dll?

Download DLL Tool to view gpscript.dll module information.

Script Client Side Extension

The file gpscript.dll is used to support Script Client Side Extension for module iisfcgi.dll and gptext.dll, and support device drivers in computer Micron.

The module gpscript.dll was published at 7/13/2009 4:54:14 PM, and is usually located in C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-grouppolicy-script_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_c10c2a29895d4994\. Once active, module will occupy 32256 KB of memory usage.

If the memory usage of gpscript.dll showed in Task Manager is over 8329332 bytes, then there is a virus Virus:DOS/Backwards.252 or Trojan Program:Win32/Cnzz on your machine. This file should be replaced immediately with a clean one.

Download and repair gpscript.dll with DLL Tool

Note: Virus:DOS/Backwards.252 is developed by the author of website http://www.bidrivalsbuddy.com and spreads through installing malware BidRivals.

The module gpscript.dll with version 6.1.7600.16385 is shared by Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum, Android Browser 7534.48.3 and SKY Antivirus & Antispyware.

If the version number changes and gpscript.dll is not restored ASAP, your computer would receive d3dx9_28 dll missing / not found errors, blue screen of death BSoD and error code 0x02F0(Cached page was locked during operation. ).

gpscript.dll vulnerability leads to a total of 832933232256 hits by Program:Win32/Cnzz since 7/13/2009 4:54:14 PM in Slovenia, Cameroon, Libya, Indonesia and Zambia, said Corrinne Onifade, an traffic analysist from Blauk.

How to fix gpscript.dll errors?

To fix and repair gpscript.dll problems, please download DLL Tool.

When gpscript.dll is missing from your windows based oprating system and you are at a loss, then you can count on DLL TOOL to repair the related registry keys and get a free download of the affected dll files for you to fix a not found error.

Screenshot of DLL Tool:

Symptoms of gpscript.dll error

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