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What is Classpnp.sys?

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SCSI Class System Dll

The file Classpnp.sys is used to execute service SCSI Class System Dll for module KernelBase.dll and drivers of dxgkrnl.sys and win32k.sys, and support device drivers in computer Fujitsu.

The driver Classpnp.sys was published at 7/13/2009 4:19:59 PM, and is usually located in C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-classpnp_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_71782042c5c2dbe9\. Once active, driver will occupy 178752 KB of memory usage.

If the memory usage of Classpnp.sys showed in Task Manager is over 2250589 bytes, then there is a virus Backdoor:Win32/Delf.ALE or Trojan Program:Win32/Cnzz on your machine. This file should be replaced immediately with a clean one.

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Note: Backdoor:Win32/Delf.ALE is developed by the author of website http://www.page-cannot-be-displayed.net and spreads through installing malware Page Cannot be Displayed Error Fixer.

The driver Classpnp.sys with version 6.1.7600.16385 is shared by game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, web browser Mozilla and antivirus VIPRE Antivirus 2012.

If the version number changes and Classpnp.sys is not restored ASAP, your computer would receive binkw32 ragnarok missing / not found errors, blue screen of death BSoD and error code 0x2137(The directory service failed to identify the list of objects to delete while attempting a tree deletion.).

Classpnp.sys vulnerability leads to a total of 2250589178752 hits by Program:Win32/Cnzz since 7/13/2009 4:19:59 PM in British Virgin Islands, Albania, Pakistan, Northern Mariana Islands and Belize, said Edward Hashey, a website editor in Faces.com.

How to fix Classpnp.sys errors?

To fix and repair Classpnp.sys problems, please download DLL Tool.

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How to avoid Classpnp.sys issues?

Classpnp.sys usually hangs at Windows 7 and programs startup once it becomes missing, out of date (past), corrupted or damaged. The default System Restore or System Repair feature in Windows operating systems can't make this problem resolved. To get it repaired, you can try following 3 steps:

  1. Enter the Safe Mode of your PC.
  2. Download and update your device driver with Driver Mechanic.
  3. Restore Classpnp.sys with DLL Tool

To prevent this error, you should always back up your Windows registry before you install a new program or uninstall software. You can find this feature in Recovery tab of DLL Tool.

When you experience Classpnp.sys hangs problem in the future, you can use DLL Tool to restore your PC to its previously working state.

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