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Unused Programs Uninstallation

How to uninstall and remove Unused programs?
If you can't completely uninstall or remove Unused programs from your computers, please use DLL Tool to do that for you, it is FREE.

As Unused programs installing would make changes to your Windows Registry and then make your computer become unstable, to remove it from your computer, you can use DLL Tool. To ensure that you can completely remove it from your computer and boost your PC performance, please take following steps:

  1. Download DLL Tool, install and run it
  2. Click Recovery tab, click Uninstall Unused Software, choose Unused programs and click Uninstall
  3. Click Privacy tab, click Bleach Disks to clean up malicious programs leftovers. After that, please return to Privacy tab and click Shred Files to completely shred malicious programs files and folders in C:\Programs Files\Unused programs
  4. Click Performance tab, click Clean Your Registry to clean up invalid Unused programs registry keys and entries. After that, please return to Performance tab and then Compact Your Registry to improve your system performance.

If you don't need DLL Tool any longer, you can click here to uninstall it.

If you have the following programs installed, you can use DLL Tool to completely uninstall and remove them.

  1. RegClean Pro
  2. Advanced System Optimizer
  3. Disk Speedup
  4. Netbook Optimizer
  5. Advanced System Protector
  6. Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009
  7. CacheBoost
  8. Advanced Driver Updater
  9. Advanced Disk Recovery
  10. WinClean Pro
  11. Advanced Email Printer
  12. Boost XP
  13. Advanced Privacy Protector
  14. Memory Zipper Plus
  15. RegCure Pro
  16. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6
  17. Advanced SystemCare PRO
  18. Advanced SystemCare Free
  19. Razer Game Booster
  20. Smart Defrag 2
  21. IObit Uninstaller 2
  22. Start Menu 8
  23. WinMetro
  24. Driver Booster
  25. IObit Malware Fighter 2 PRO
  26. IObit Malware Fighter 2 Free
  27. Protected Folder
  28. IObit Unlocker
  29. Random Password Generator

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