Direct Payment for Affiliates using Telemarketing

July 26, 2013

We directly pay the affiliates who are using mobile marketing / telemarketing.

If you are doing a software business as a reseller or affiliate with telemarketing, you probably need to read this entire page, because you may find ways which can help you out of your present frustration and obstacle then approach to your fortune.

Notice: This passage is written to help the talented software reseller and affiliate who use phone marketing for a living on software business. Attention, we have solutions to your present issues. You will have your interest on what you are about to see.

Nowadays, as our ways of communication diversifies, telemarketing develops other types like mobile marketing or phone marketing. Telemarketing can be counted as a really efficient way to promote your profit if you get a large number of target clients from your own database. Especially in recent years with the big change of our daily lifestyle such as internet development, there is a rising amount of consumer or we should call PC users buying stuff from online or registering on a social website. Actually the bounds of us and internet are much closer than ever, which is why it becomes extraordinarily easy to get PC user's contact information. Moreover, that information collected is highly related with your target clients because almost all the websites or online activities have their certain goals which can be categorized into industries and it would be much more convenient for telemarketers achieve what they want.

And if you are reading this passage, you probably are one of the above mentioned phone marketer (people doing telemarketing or mobile marketing). And it's clearly known that selling software from payment gateways like MyCommerce, Regnow, Ebay and Avangate can help you achieve a real profit.

Let's take Avangate as an example; by selling the products listed on this platform, as an affiliate you can get a commission up to 85%. There is even no necessity to explain and you will understand what a big interest this is. 85% is so much more than what the software maker can earn.

After acquainted the fact that being a software reseller can make you a fortune, let's give a glimpse at the most effective way to realize this fortune – telemarketing. Actually, many ways could be used to sell software online such as Google Adwords or searching engine optimization. However, they can't be the best option sometimes. You see, if you want to do ads to earn money, you must have a mount of funds to support your experiments on campaigns. Besides, it could be risky. The popular keywords are just so expensive. Once you get too many past or the CTR and RPC are not satisfactory, well, you may lose lot of money on it. SEO, on the contrary, doesn't need that mount of cost or risk, but honestly speaking, SEO is not that easy to handle like before as the rules of searching engine promote from time to time. The profit is difficult to achieve even if you are able to manage your website really well.

However, if you have a really target oriented user group with their contact information in your database, it could do a tremendous help on the software sale (of course the source of user information belongs to your company secret and should be respected). Telemarketing as a popular way to promote sales has been existed since the 1980s, much more mature than the newly emerging SEM (searching engine marketing). But we can see it still has its sparks. It's just because of this target oriented user information which makes the sales conversion rate higher than other marketing mode on software business, especially when mobile and phone become people's essentials and the register requirement on internet is found everywhere.

Nevertheless, telemarketing also has its two sides like a coin. Even if telemarketing/mobile marketing/phone marketing has so many advantages like above mentioned upon other marketing mode, it still has its obstacles to execute in some occasions. Let's also take Avangate to explain why. Avangate is a pretty good web marketplace for software sales. Well, the unfair thing is that marketplace like Avangate and MyCommerce aren't actually into selling things with telemarketing. As a consequence, which is also a regularly happened event, these marketplace or we call sales platform may ban your account when they find you are a telemarketer to resell software. I believe this block really frustrating you. So, here we will talk about some practical solutions to help you with your career.

Our solution and our product – DLL Tool:
We are a software company who listen to our affiliates' voice and we put ourselves into our resellers' shoes as well. After being told the difficulties of our affiliates doing telemarketing (and doing really good), we have been kept our focus on solving their issues and break their limits. And fortunately, we found something which we believe will help.

There is a phenomenon that the account of affiliate may have some trace that the marketplace like Avangate may find which could lead to the account termination, but software maker like us wouldn't worry about that because our accounts are different. Well, if you have an account like ours, your unusual account information wouldn't seem so abnormal to these marketplaces. And that is how we come up with this idea: we can make a special OEM version of our product DLL Tool for only one reseller who does telemarketing. In this case, there would be only one account for that OEM version with no other affiliate. Which is to say, all the sales are from that one single reseller and there would be absolutely nothing that Avangate or MyCommerce can find which may expose you are a telemarketer. There is another big shining point, which is, the price of this specially made OEM version is totally at your disposal. What does that sound like? We believe what we offer here is attractive enough to you.

We can guarantee what have been said above is 100% true and our attitude to consider for our partners' profit is as always, because the more you earn reflect the more we can get. We are looking forward to your contact right now to build a double-win business relationship on DLL Tool. And even if you are not a telemarketer or phone marketer but still want to sell our product with other marketing mode, you are also warmly welcomed with our same passion and respect, because we together can make a great effort to a great success. Also, if you have any trouble on selling DLL Tool, please inform us immediately. We can work things out together.

Remember, we are a company who listens to your voice and treasures our relation.

Once you decide to build partnship with us, we can provide you with 3 payment plans:

  1. Weekly
  2. Bi-Weekly
  3. Monthly

With our solution, you will never need to worry about your cash that would be postponed by payment gateways due to account termination.

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