How to choose a real DLL repair tool for your PC

July 25, 2013

News today is not like the previous ones, our focus is to show you how to choose DLL tools that can help you fix and repair DLL problems.

You will see a lot of DLL repair tools in Google search engine when searching dll tool. Here we list the top 5 and make some comparisons with our DLL Tool to help you know how they work and which one you should choose to fix DLL errors in your computer.

  1. Dependency Walker -
    Dependency Walker
  2. DLL Export Viewer -‎
    DLL Export Viewer
  3. Emsa Register Dll Tool
  4. Remote DLL
  5. PE Explorer

We downloaded all of them and run the programs and found they are used to export following information related with your selected DLL file:

  1. Function
  2. Address in Memory
  3. Relative Address in Memory
  4. Ordinal
  5. File Version
  6. File Path
  7. File Size
  8. Module
  9. Entry Point

After browsing more search results, we found another 4 similar tools:

  1. DLL Opener
  2. DLL Player
  3. DLL Reader
  4. DLL Viewer

We run these 9 software programs and found none of them has the feature of DLL repair. They just help display information in your system DLL files with following file extensions:

  1. .dll
  2. .exe
  3. .sys
  4. .fon
  5. .drv

These tools are helpful for computer technicians, especially for those who are developing software programs. But if DLL error fixing for common computer users, they can't provide any help on this.

To make your DLL problem repaired, you need to use a professional DLL files fixer like the one we name it as DLL Tool.

DLL Tool screenshot

If there is error with aaclient.dll in your 32-bit operating system, you will see its related DLL files by using the above 9 tools.

aaclient.dll related DLL files:

  1. msvcrt.dll
  2. ws2_32.dll
  3. mstscax.dll
  4. kernel32.dll
  5. crypt32.dll
  6. advapi32.dll
  7. rpcrt4.dll

When you use DLL Tool to check error in your DLL files, also these files will be scanned and detected once there is problem with aaclient.dll. Both DLL Tool and other 9 programs use the same detection mechanism. The only difference is that DLL Tool is able to fix DLL errors, but others can't.

DLL Tool not only helps resolve DLL issues, also allows you to download DLL files for free.

To fix and correct error in DLL, our DLL Tool will be your best choice. Download DLL Tool today and give your Windows a DLL fixer, registry cleaner and PC optimizer.

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