We directly pay those who run call centers

September 29, 2013

Who we are?

We are a software research and development company in USA. Our popular products include:

  1. DLL Tool – (DLL error repair and registry cleanup software) www.dlltool.com

We partner with payment gateway Avangate to power our online software sales since 2010. Before we switched to Avangate, we had worked with ClickBank, Regnow and RevenueWire.

Why choose us?

If you are running a call center business, you may have experienced ID termination by the payment gateways that you had used. The main reason published by our partner is high chargeback requests from your customers. As a result, you will need to wait up to 6 months to get your rest volume, and that would seriously affect your business.

To help solve this issue, please take our solution.

When you decide to work with us, you don't need to register an account in those payment gateways. What you need to do is:

  1. Sell our products directly, not using affiliate links.
  2. Send us the sale reports the next day for us to check.
  3. Get paid from us around the 20th of each month.

Why around the 20th of each month?

Avangate pay us on 16th of each month, if there is no weekend after the 16th, we will get the payment on the 19th and then we pay you on the 20th. If weekends, we will pay around the 22nd of that month.

For the payment methods, we suggest that you choose Wire Transfer. There is no processing fee for this. If you choose Paypal, the processing fee is up to 4%.

Your Commissions

To help your business run smoothly, we pay the most of the profits to our affiliates and partners, thus to achieve win-win purpose.

Here is our commission plan:

  1. Default 75% for the monthly volume less than 30,000 USD.
  2. 80% for the monthly volume between 30,000 USD and 60,000 USD.
  3. Maximum 85% for the monthly volume over 60,000 USD.

India and Philippine Call Centers

So far, we have worked with over 30 call centers from India and Philippine. Please take a look at some of them from the following cities in India:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Bangalore
  3. Baroda
  4. Bengaluru
  5. Bhubaneswar
  6. Bombay
  7. Calcutta
  8. Chandigarh
  9. Chennai
  10. Coimbatore
  11. Delhi
  12. Delhi NCR
  13. Gurgaon
  14. Hyderabad
  15. Indore
  16. Jaipur
  17. Kanpur
  18. Kochi
  19. Kolkata
  20. Madras
  21. Madurai
  22. Mumbai
  23. Nagpur
  24. New Delhi
  25. Noida
  26. Pondicherry
  27. Poona
  28. Pune

To start working with us, please contact us at:

  1. Email 1: support@vsksoft.com

Contact Us

For technical issues, online orders and partner cooperation, please contact us via this link.